3 Ways Video Can make Your Sales Enablement Strategy More Efficient

Almost any successful sales enablement strategy requires the allocation of multiple resources and extensive internal and external communications.  Streaming video offers a fresh approach to optimizing the allocation of in-house resources when taking sales teams through training processes and closing deals.  Videos for business can benefit your sales teams just as they can benefit an entire enterprise.

Listed below are three benefits of incorporating business videos into your existing sales enablement strategy:

1. Optimal Allocation of In-House Resources for Initial and Ongoing Training

Many sales reps can benefit from a self-study program rather than attending a large training session in-person.  Various videos, presentations, and other types of information can allow reps to gain the knowledge and skillsets they need to be successful and close deals.  With Kzoinnovations.com sales enablement strategy setting sales teams up with ongoing training during downtime in the office can also ensure that there is less downtime associated with off-site training sessions.  In addition, managers and HR representatives can provide targeted in-person training to individuals based off of needs assessments.  Instead of having employees “learn” information that they already know and glaze over information that they are less familiar with, in-house staff can spend necessary time to ensure that all reps are proficient across the board.

2. More Opportunities for Reps to Gain Insight When Prospecting

Programs are readily available to show reps how effective video communication is by using a number of metrics such as how many people view the video, when people stop viewing the video, and where the people are approximately located.  Sending videos over email or posting them on websites can help reps gain insight as to what their target audience is interested in and design ways to improve overall sales strategies.  In addition, this type of insight is a non-invasive way to offer reps opportunities to independently develop plans for personal and professional growth.

3. Higher Quality Communication Throughout the Entire Sales Cycle

video teaser marketingVideo can be a great media for reps to communicate with interested buyers.  Reps can focus on superior time management when using video for communication instead of time-consuming appointments in-person or missed appointments.  In the right sales context, video can offer maximum efficiency for sales reps and better experiences for buyers.  Communication is integral to quality sales.  Video is also a good way to make sure there are fewer misunderstandings via conference calls or text-based emails that were not read closely.  Give reps the right tools to close deals instead of chasing leads.

New Media Translates to New Possibilities for Sales Enablement Strategies

Video for business can help streamline almost all aspects of the internal and external processes involved in completing sales.  Avoid common snags by focusing on how to optimize day-to-day business procedures.  Video can avoid many frequent occurrences that kill closings, from the inability to follow up on an interested lead to misunderstandings about pricing structure to potential buyers simply being chronically late to meetings.  Use business videos to improve training procedures, employee satisfaction, and make daily tasks more efficient for sales teams.  Use video to take your sales enablement strategy to the next tier.

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  • If it’s one thing I need to implement more in my marketing strategies it’s Video. YouTube has a lot of potential for marketers if they use it correctly. I’ve seen some really successful people with YouTube and to many that’s the only strategy they use. With more and more people watching video ever than ever before it makes sense to add this strategy to your portfolio.

    Thanks on your insights, good read.

  • DiTesco, This is really helpful!!
    Thank you so much.

  • Successful sales enablement strategies are multidimensional in a number of ways. They often involve numerous contributors from different backgrounds, multiple phases and components, and the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team. The end goal of sales enablement is to prepare sales representatives with the skillsets and knowledge they need to be successful and go on to surpass quotas. It is best practice to design training programs that enable sales personnel to be more effective throughout every phase of the sales process in a given sales scenario. The best training methods are standardized, repeatable and testable. Naturally, training sales staff is an ideal scenario for business videos.

  • I know this doesn’t entirely relate, or maybe it does, but I work in content department upkeeping our websites and my boss has often sent screencast videos to me with instructions on changes he wants to certain pages and I’ve found it to be really helpful and efficient. He doesn’t have to set up a meeting and he can parlay his instructions from his desk without having to write it all down. Videos are so applicable. Great article.

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