Chris Brogan Interview – Video Creation for Business, Future Of Publishing

Creating video content that your audience can engage with is not easy for someone who does not understand social marketing. Consequently, many companies end up “speaking down” to their audiences with online video like they did when television was the dominant medium in the days on old.

In this Future of Publishing, Murray Newlands interviews Chris Brogan on how to create good video content and use it to maximize customer engagement:

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Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is the CEO and Founder of Influence People, a marketing consulting firm headquartered in San Francisco. You can follow Murray on @MurrayNewlands

2 thoughts on “Chris Brogan Interview – Video Creation for Business, Future Of Publishing

  • I definitely agree that social marketing analysis is the first step before making your videos for marketing any product. It is a great plan to view, to analyze and to give importance to social marketing and then create your video for your business.

  • Hi Murray,

    Excellent! Love the emphasis on meaningful, personal conversations. Make a connection between individuals by keeping things engaging.

    Neat note too about being passionate about something. The energy behind passion speaks a language felt by people with similar passions, on a deeper level. If you believe and maintain an enthusiastic attitude you will attract like-minded people. Much easier to display your passion on video. People – beings relying on the sense, primarily – see your passion, feel it, and respond well.

    Hosting live events seems like a neat idea too because it creates a dynamic, memorable experience. Something to ponder. I am starting up live webinars now for my cash gifting team and might introduce a video element to spice things up and increase engagement.

    Time to get some batteries for the Flip Cam 😉 Haven’t shot a video in 3 months and I have over 800 in the queue which I am currently promoting, but need some fresh content out there 😉

    Thanks for sharing Murray!


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