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Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week. So what’s new? Hmmm, I am betting that FaceBook IPO is definitely an event that you have heard about. When the bells rang and Facebook’s shares were finally available for the public, there was probably not one major site that was not talking about it. While many felt somewhat disappointed with its performance, the truth is that Facebook’s IPO has broken lots of records and appears to have triggered some “confidence” with small investors. From what I gather, as much as 25% of the volume traded where purchased by small investors, perhaps hoping for quick gains. If you are amongst the 25%, just please be very careful.

But what’s next? Facebook is now public and will be held more accountable for its future results. Some speculate that Facebook will focus next on everything mobile, and may even launch an AdSense-like advertising program. There seems to be evidence pointing to that direction. Regardless, it will be very interesting to see what lies ahead. Should they decide to launch an ad revenue sharing  program similar to that of Google, remains to be seen.

On a different forefront, Google Penguin is still quite a popular trend and articles about what to do to recover from the update are published nearly every day. Recently though, I stumbled upon a post that is way too long, about the things you probably don’t know about Penguin. While this is the case, I think that its worth the read, specially the last part, where it says, “what not to do”.

Finally, if you are interested in offering SEO Consulting or other related consulting services, Rand of SEOMoz.com really gives some great tips to get you started (see video below).

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18 thoughts on “Facebook IPO, Google Penguin Do Not’s, SEO Consulting Startup Tips, Speedlink 20:2012

  • A big talked Financial event – People anticipating for big gains on day-1 in range of 30%-40% on hopes of facebook name – should know that financial world estimates the future. If what is mentioned in article about facebook adsense program – then investors need to make a rough estimate of facebook future earning potential. Any how the Internet IPO industry has been shown a great future ahead with facebook initiation

  • Hi DiTesco,

    Powerful shares! The Penguin stuff looks especially interesting. G seemed to pull the rug out from many entrepreneurs but sticking to the common sense basics can boost your search engine performance.

    If anything, just vary things up a bit. From the first time I heard about Penguin I noted different keywords in each post, really switching things up. If you go with the flow and follow the rules you will be OK. If you don’t, you won’t. Makes sense to me 😉

    As for Facebook’s IPO I sense a rebound. Either way, the company will succeed because the more criticism Mark Z receives the more he seems to grow from it. Any massive venture grows going up against resistance; if nobody is talking about you, saying something negative, that is when things begin to break down.

    Thanks for sharing your insight DiTesco!


    • Hello Ryan
      You are right in this case. Mark is going to make money either by this way or that way. Anyways he got married today! Anyways talking about Google Penguin, it is necessary to follow the rules and those who follow the rules will never suffer. Google Panda snatched jobs of many bloggers and now job of link builders are at stake. Beware of Google Penguin, link builders.
      Thank You

  • Google Penguin definitely gave a headache to those who are depending solely on SEOs. And as for Facebook IPO, I hope things will go well though the cost per share is quite high and it really got people talking.

  • Facebook IPO sounds good investment to those that only can afford it. And those that can afford this only would benefit.

  • Great share buddy, I’ve enjoyed it a lot.

    P.S. Thanks for sharing my post at BasicBlogTips.com

    • Hi Buddy. Was my pleasure. Great post, so nothing much to think about 🙂 Waiting for you to get your creative juices flowing so I can have you over here too 🙂

  • Facebook IPO was good for Zuckerberg, not for “normal” people 😉
    BR, Chris

    • I hear you. And checking on FB today, things don’t look very good…

  • Thanks for the post. I think people who do SEO and followed the big G’s recommendation need not worry, if its only 3-4% of sites, I can see why the SEO industry is up in arms about, they’ve been manipulating the results for too long!

    • Hi Haroun. Agreed, sticking to “ethical” SEO should be good enough. Thanks for stopping by

  • Many people have said that it is quite possible that Facebook may tank, a little further down the track(share prices take a hit)….Who knows!

    Out my way a large company who’s first batch of shares made some great gains, this created a massive interest in the second offering….

    And just as many expected, the second batch of shares (mark 2) had a huge value crash(in a short time frame) causing a fair amount of public outcry…..

    I did hear quite a while back about Face Books interest in Advertising, and the possibility of some kind of Adsense-esque offering…though, there are also some strong voices apposing Facebook going too hardcore with the advertising route…..

    • Hi Daniel. Interesting points you mention. The hype about FB I think has caught many “small investors” to jump in the band wagon, perhaps too early. FB today is getting another hit, and hopefully people who bought it on the IPO won’t panic and hold on to it. I am convinced that it should recover in the medium term, once FB comes up with a “solid” plan on what intends to do in the future. Their current business model is good, but will obviously require some assessments, as now that they are public, all eyes upon them will be much closer.

  • The link to “what not to do” about Google Panda stuff has a third point that I feel is off base. “Review­ers are not inter­ested in help­ing you.” This is true but it’s not because reviewers hate you. A reviewer has been told what to look for and aware that they are going to find a few false positives in a haystack of whiners. They may not be on your side… but if you’re on the side of providing a great search experience and providing great content… you’re likely to find you are both on the same side. It’s negative attitudes towards reviewers that often result in very final “no way in hades” results any time a manual review is done by anyone (same is true of manual reviews on Facebook). Sometimes some patience and understanding of an overworked secretary type position goes a LONG ways.

  • Haha.. that would be awesome! Looking forward to it.

    I wish you a great week buddy!

  • Thanks for your article and the link to the other one, I am deffinatley going to check out the Link Build­ing Pyra­mid webi­nar as I am new to SEO and linkbuilding.

    To me it seems that is a bit of battle between online marketeers and Google, off course everybody wants their content to rank as high as possible(and make money), and off course Google wants to provide the best content(and make money), so i guess the only things to do is to stay up to date, keep trying new things and not put all your eggs in one basket, right?

  • …Speaking of links 🙂

    In my last comment there was no links, is that policy on this site, that you have to have one comfirmed comment, before you get links in your comments?

    And whick tool do you use to keep track of backlinks? The ones I have read about does’nt seem to work anymore, seoquake and mozbar. Maybe it is because my website is danish?

  • Facebook is the best social media platform to promote your business. But it will take so much time and engagement in order to make yourself popular.

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