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Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week. Google – Facebook, Facebook – Google, seems that both not only compete technology wise, but also news wise. Its either one or the other. After Google unveiling “project glass“, they also announced the “new Google+ look”, which if any of you missed, is a total redesign of Google+ UI. Have you tried it yet? Do you like the new Google+ design? Personally, I do.

Meanwhile, Facebook, on its shopping spree, announced the acquisition of Instagram for a hefty $1 billion, and Tagtile. Is that a lot? Well, watch this video of Jon Stewart and Senior Youth Correspondent Jessica Williams explaining Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, and some insights about Google’s futuristic glasses. It’s hilarious!

Are you an Instagram user? What do you think about this acquisition? Some users are not so happy about Facebook’s takeover of Instagram.

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Does PageRank flow through image links?

Matt answers this question extremely fast, but the answer is…

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17 thoughts on “Google+ New Look, Facebook eMail, Content Marketing, Speedlink15:2012

  • Google+ New Look, Facebook eMail, Content Marketing, Speedlink15:2012

  • Google+ New Look, Facebook eMail, Content Marketing, Speedlink15:2012

  • The new Google+ design came as a surprise to me when I logged in earlier today, I wasn’t expecting that, but I do like the new look. The old one wasn’t very good to be honest, it seemed a bit too much “Google beta’ish” I think, and if they want new users to stick with them, they need to make it nice and easy to use.

    Still, it’s going to be a tough battle for Google+ vs Facebook…

    • I agree Mr T 🙂 The new design is indeed much more pleasant to look at and I really like the new “drag and drop” functionality to arrange the menus. Makes navigation much easier. I like it, although for some reason, there are people who hate it. I guess, it has something to do with “changes”…

      As for the battle between FB and G+, I think it should remain that way. It is good for us users as it benefits us in the long run. We’ll see how it plays out

  • Hey DiTesco,

    Thanks for the post mate as it made me revisit Google+. I pretty well only go there to play Dragons of Atlantis. I’m not much of a social media person. I’ve always got the chat feature off as I like to keep to myself. Blogging is pretty well the only way I put myself out there.

    Still, because of this post I visited Google+ and even shared my last post with everyone 🙂

    Oh, and yes I do like the changes. I must make more use of that site.

    • Hi Sire. That’s good to know. Changes are always welcome, specially if it is for the better. IMO, the total redesign is much more pleasant to look at and sharing is finally easier than ever. I am not a heavy G+ user myself, but I do use it, because.. well its Google 🙂 Mind you, I don’t even play games on it, something that I still prefer doing on FB.

  • Google+ New Look, Facebook eMail, Content Marketing, Speedlink15:2012 via @ditesco

  • Google+ New Look, Facebook eMail, Content Marketing, Speedlink15:2012 via @DiTesco

  • Google+ New Look, Facebook eMail, Content Marketing, Speedlink15:2012 @ditesco

  • I seriously laughed out loud at Matt in the Google Webmaster video. Well that’s good to know!

    • Hi Kim. LOL, I actually said WT* 🙂 He was not joking when he said that it was the shortest video ever. Nonetheless, and like you said, it was good to know that they pass “juice”, something that I really did not know.. Well aside from the alt tag which benefits SEO, that was pretty much it.

  • Yeah I just recently heard about Facebook acquiring Instagram. I don’t know where it is going to move this great app but I am excited to see.

    • Hi Steven. I am not an avid user of instagram, but like you, I am also curious to see what FB is up to and how they intend to integrate this app. We’ll see, but it should not take that much time until we find out 🙂

  • Yes, google +1 and facebook is really good looking now and easy to use and fast as compared to old version of them. Now they are using ajax and jquery.

    thanks for this post, i agree with you.

  • Did you just speedlinked to my speedlinking post, Francisco? lol

    As always, the mention is MUCH appreciated.

    And yes, that video was quite speedy… is Matt trying to go viral with it?

    • Hi Ana, Not sure about Matt wanting that video to go viral, but I think that he made it short on purpose, despite the message being there 🙂 How are things doing?

  • Thanks for sharing the great videos – I’m sure the trends with Social Networking will change to suit the needs of marketing on those channels. And Google with their constant change in short term game plan’s will be sure to keep on adding new features like tools and gadgets – even the look and feel to help promote Google plus more in the World Of Social Media and competitive user experiences and capabilities that it brings.

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