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Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week. Don’t know if any of you have already heard about Sitizens before, but this site (just over a month old), has been popping my radar lately (on Google Analytics). I have been seeing some interesting number of referral traffic from this site, but quite frankly, I was not paying too much attention to it (high bounce rate), until Sherryl Perry of KeepUpWithTheWeb posted an article that mentions Sitizens as being her “top source of referral traffic” for a period of time.

Is it a viable source of traffic? What kind of quality does that traffic bring? Does it pay to advertise there? For now, all I have are questions, and hopefully, some of you may already have an experience with it, so fire away, and let us know about it. In any event, Sherryl’s article provides more insights about the “social gaming site”, where they (sitizens), says it is a place where you can “rule and explore the web”.

On a different front, have you ever “shared” something on Google+, only to find out that you were the last one to let people know about it? Would you want to be amongst the first to? If you do, here is a PRO tip from Louis Gray, that might help.

And more on Google+. Do you want to see your pages with more engagement? Recently, The Financial Times has found that images and videos have the highest engagement on their +page. In lieu of this interesting case study, Google officially shared a tip on how to make the most of the visual nature of the platform to help increase interaction with your content. Must admit, I have not tried doing it this way (yet), but no harm in trying, right?

Finally, SEO is not just about your own websites. It is also about dominating and managing your online reputation, your “personal SEO”. KissMetrics, on this post, shares 14 tips on how to go about how to Dominate Your Personal Brand On Google With This 14 Point Checklist.

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Kiersi Burkhart: Blogging as a platform: Making a name for yourself in your target community

If you are starting a blog, thinking of making one, Kiersi runs through some good stuff, from detrmining your goals as a blogger, building your platform, reaching your audience, making a name for yourself, etc..

That’s it! Enjoy and have a great weekend.


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9 thoughts on “Google+ PRO Tips, Sitizens, Personal SEO, Blogging, Speedlink 35:2012

  • Quite complicated for…I have to read it twice. I’m a dummy with these topics but SEO and Google + interest me. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

  • Great post! I’ve honestly never heard of Sitizens, but now that I’ve checked out their website I think it sounds pretty fun (and addictive)! I’ll have to read up on it a bit more, though. Also, great tip on Google+, I’ll keep that in mind!

  • Great tips. I knew that audio visual posts are viewed more. And hence, I try to have some audio/visual content with my post. I haven’t used Sitizens yet. I think I’d like to explore it more before giving it a try. So far, I’ve heard only good reviews about it. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • I have seen Sitizens mentioned in a few places, but honestly I didn’t pay that much attention to it. It is difficult keeping up with all the new sites and trends. Sometimes I think I am one of the last ones to find out or hear about what is happening. Then again, I am usually busy working on projects and don’t have a lot of free time to stay up to date. That’s one of the things I like about Iblogzone, you seem to be one of the firsts to know about the new ones.

  • social media is going to make a blast In some tome.Google + is also a good place to promote our brand and services .sharing on Google+ is too good and tips are awesome.

  • I have learned so much by reading your blog. It always amazes me how much there is to learn on your every post. I haven’t heard yet about Sitizens would love to know about it more. It is also mind boggling how fast things change.

  • Great tip on Google+. I’m usually behind everyone on all this. So a little help and some tips will go a long way in helping me to know stuff. At least I won’t be the last one to know something. I have never used Sitizens. But if it is as good as I have read above, then I’m definitely going in for it.

  • I have tried almost all social media references to get traffic but not Sitizen.May be i haven’t tried enough to get on it.will re-think about my decision and it may be possible that i will use it.

  • Hi Francisco,

    I have some catching up to do! I see Sitizens showing up in my analytics also and it’s really good to know I can find out more on Sherryl’s blog.
    I’m going to try Louis’s tip first chance I get.

    Thank you for sharing my YouTube post!

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