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There are a lot of bloggers who are excellent at blogging, but they aren’t very good businesspeople. This transcends much of the creative space since many people who are good at writing or creating creative pieces haven’t had the experience or schooling to run a business. However, as a blogger, you should think of yourself as a marketer who happens to blog, not as a writer who monetizes her content.

In this Future of Publishing VigLink CEO Oliver Roup is joined with three affiliate marketing experts to help you market better :


  1. Sell good products…
  2. Pick a good affiliate program…
  3. Make money blogging from home!

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Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is the CEO and Founder of Influence People, a marketing consulting firm headquartered in San Francisco. You can follow Murray on @MurrayNewlands

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  • Hi Murray,

    Awesome viewpoint. We are marketers who blog. Everybody is selling something, or marketing something. If not, you would write in a notepad. Keep a diary. Makes sense to view yourself in this vein, so you naturally do things that marketers do.

    It took me a bit to adopt this viewpoint. I disliked marketing. Then I learned until I improved my marketing skills, few people would read my posts. Inspiration found.

    If you practice marketing for a bit, it becomes quite fun. Super rewarding too, especially when you learn it from scratch, as I did.

    Thanks for sharing Murray.


  • Affiliate Marketing Tips – Future of Publishing @ditesco

  • The opening few lines says it all! There are many very proficient Bloggers who are not doing very well at the business side of things. I think it makes sense to look at it from a Marketers POV, rather than just being a Blogger who sells things. Though, that would at least require some sort of knowledge of how marketing works.

  • I do not that it is that easy to earn money online via affiliate marketing. It does offer tremendous earning opportunity but majority of bloggers are unaware of this practice.

  • Impressive video and content is enough to make us understand what is required for an successful affiliate marketing. As you said many blogger does not have enough marketing skills. That is the big reason why affiliate marketing is not the key for most success bloggers. Thanks anyway for this informative content.

  • I’d like to think i offer good product, though that is for my readers to judge I suppose! Consistency is the hardest part, but once you get into the marketing mindset, it can be achieved. Thank you for the informative video.

  • Hello Murray,
    Awesome pointing of view , so many people was not getting success in affiliate marketing field . actually i am also struggling with sales now , coupon codes marketing technique is helped me a lot to generate sales .

  • The business aspect of things can seem misleadingly simple.

    People love to put down managers and people with MBAs, and while maybe you don’t need an MBA, the implication by those folks is that anyone can just do “business stuff” without having to learn anything.

    Obviously, not true!

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