Should I Crowdsource my Marketing Tasks?

Let’s face it: Marketing can be expensive. Lots of small businesses can’t afford to bring on a marketing team or hire an agency, so they try to do it themselves. But they don’t have the know-how to do it effectively. Worse, they bring on teams of inexperienced “interns” to manage their Facebook page and run their affiliate programs, and don’t even find entry-level workers. Gushcloud CEO Vincent Ha saw this problem and created a solution: Crowdsourced marketing. In this Future of Publishing episode, VigLink CEO Oliver Roup interviews Ha on why Ha thinks crowdsourced marketing works:


  • Crowdsourcing cuts costs…
  • And can produce fantastic results…
  • Just make sure you have a good marketing strategy and the right marketing tools before you do it!

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Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is the CEO and Founder of Influence People, a marketing consulting firm headquartered in San Francisco. You can follow Murray on @MurrayNewlands

6 thoughts on “Should I Crowdsource my Marketing Tasks?

  • I like to use MicroWorkers which appears to be the same kind of service as GushCloud. Their most popular category is the blog post. Which takes us all back to 2004 when paid posts were super popular until Google slapped every site that posted them.

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