Working Quality Content Into Your SEO Campaign

This is a guest post from Corry Cummings, the owner of Content Customs, a content creation company that specializes in high quality web content writing services. He also runs a blog over at Content Customs, which is managed and written by one of the head writers of the company. Over to you Corry.

When most people think of quality content, they think of content intended for blogs and web sites. However, quality content is just as important in every aspect of an SEO campaign as it is on a physical web site. If you do not draft quality content, your readers will be much less likely to take your advertisements seriously. Although your main consideration in an SEO campaign might be to attract traffic from search engines, you must also remember that real people will be reading it. If you draft your content to not only attract organic traffic but to secure direct link results, your SEO campaign has the potential to be much more successful.

Quality Content and Social Media

They may not be valuable links from an SEO point of view but links through social media web sites can be invaluable from a marketing viewpoint. However, these links are notoriously difficult to sell to a major demographic overloaded with spam and Internet scams. Think about what attracts a younger generation when drafting your content. For example, think of any big magazine targeted at younger people and consider the common titles of those articles. Some of the following titles should look familiar:

10 Myths About _______.
5 Ways to _______ Like a Superstar.
Why Your _______ Efforts Will Fail.

Younger people tend to be attracted to quick information in the form of lists. Top ten lists, myth busting articles and quick information about being an expert on anything tend to attract the most attention. Use these techniques to attract your SEO campaign readers.

SEO Email Campaigns

Nothing turns readers off faster than poorly written content and bogus statements. Even a single spelling error in an email campaign can immediately turn off your readers. It signifies that you did not invest the time you should have into such a small piece of content or, worse, makes you look illegitimate. One of the first things that you should do is make absolutely sure that your content is well written and professional. Only then can you expect to see some initial results.

Finally, emails need to be treated in much the same way as articles or press releases distributed through social media. Identify your target audience, address that audience and create a problem and solution. A good quality content SEO campaign should include a minimum of 10 emails to address different groups of people at different phases of your campaign. For example, you might choose to specifically address people that have expressed interest in your service but have not yet ordered.

Running an SEO campaign is a lot of work. If writing is not your strong point, you may want to consider using an SEO copywriting service of some sort. This enables you to focus on the more challenging parts of SEO that you will not be able to outsource so easily. If you do go this route however, be sure to think through all of the details and focus on delivering as many details as possible to your content provider.

Always remember that, in any content driven project on the Internet, you have to both secure traffic and convince that traffic to utilize your services. Without both of these important aspects, your campaign will not be successful. Start with basic SEO and well written content and you will be well on your way to making large volume sales on the Internet.


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16 thoughts on “Working Quality Content Into Your SEO Campaign

  • Brilliant article. Content is the king and so correct in this virtual world. For any website or say for any online business, content obviously is a no. 1 priority as it provides a solid foundation for promotional activities like blog marketing, social media marketing etc…Now, just plain writing and expecting miracles to happen…sounds quite foolish. You really need to put in your SEO efforts in your content to get the much needed visibility or say exposure for your business. I’ve been hearing a lot about SEO being dead but honestly, it isn’t. Though it isn’t as effective as it was years back mainly due to the fact that today we so have many sites based on similar niche and they are competing with each other like anything thus at times, making your SEO effort look go in vain. SEO today needs to be more specialized or say more innovative if one needs quick and better results in form of traffic and ofcourse, conversions.

    • Couldn’t agree more. SEO is still one of those factors you wouldn’t want to do without even less people are talking about it now (they still do, actually). When quality content is supported with good SEO, along with social network for visibility, the blog has a good chance to be known and heard. Outsourcing is a good idea too if one is hoping to concentrate in content & marketing personally.

      Social/Blogging Tracker

      • I agree Ching, I think that as a blogger there are thing that we still can not line without and good SEO along with networking are two very powerful ingredinets to have. All this with top notch content is what makes it a “killer” 🙂 Good to see you here, have a nice day.

    • Could not agreed more Aswani. Miracles are yet to happen on the internet and more so in blogging, there are none. In my opinion, SEO, just like blogging will never be dead, maybe it will change the way it is being done right now, but it is not going away. As time goes by and the “algos” change, we will have to adapt. The only factpr that will not change is to provide useful and valuable content. Have a great Sunday and sorry for the late reply

      • Adapt…

        That really is the key. I always tell people that a year on the Internet is equal to about 5 years in the “real world”. Things change so quick online, and in the business of running websites, and marketing on the Internet, you have to be good ad adapting.

        SEO is really only 1 of the many things that calls for the process of adapting.

        A couple years ago, social networking was just coming into the mix, and look at all of the people out there who are making huge profits and traffic gains due to social networking. Its all part of adapting.

        • Great points you draw here Corry! SEO is very much relevant in your site campaign, although there are many more pieces to the puzzle that you need to work in.
          Quality SEO in your copy is definitely going to be an important factor. You need to be able to work in SEO factors such as keywords and hyperlinks, however can’t forget that you are writing for people!
          If you don’t make your copy interesting, legible, and have a call to action then you are doing your business a disservice and not realizing it’s full potential.
          Thanks for the great post!

  • Thanks for reading the post!

    SEO is not dead. As long as millions of people are using search engines to find information, there will be a need for search marketing.

    Content is more important now then ever. Google is making it increasingly more difficult to get bad content to rank high in search engines. Shallow and thin content, is going to be hard to get rankings for. You will often see discussions of people arguing what the proper length of pages are. Some say they should be 300-500 words, while others say they should be 700-1200 words.

    With all the recent changes, those longer pages are becoming more valuable, because they stand out compared to all of the billions of short pages on the web.

    The bottom line, is that SEO will always be important, and Content will always be a key part of SEO. That is assuming people will always use search engines to find what they are looking for.

    It’s funny how the same people that say SEO is dead, are running some of the most aggressive SEO campaigns out there.

    • Corry, thanks for this awesome posts. I agree that SEO is not and will never be dead (see response to @aswani). I however am convinced that it will change or be incremented in the long run. Sadly there are too many “less informative” content outranking people who probably deserves more to be on the top spot. Anyway, content creation can be difficult for many and it is good to know that there are services out there that are available should this be one course of action.

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  • Great post. It never dawned on me to consider how important it is to target the younger generation. And you are so right about using quick list to hold their attention. I will definitely keep this in mind when constructing posts on my blog.

  • Great! Suggestion to use SEO Copy Writing is really great because not all of us have all the skills, writing and seo at the same time. Thanks for sharing.

    • I agree Latief. The Yin/Yan of writing a copy. Balanced mode if you prefer. Readers first and optimized for search engines. Here is something that might interest you. I wrote this a while back but is still completely valid until today. 3 Step Guide To Simple SEO Article Writing

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