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Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great and productive week. This week, despite having a lot of noteworthy news, Google+ Pages being released has certainly made its mark in the sphere. If for some reason you fell behind, you should know that you can now create Google+ or branded pages, and I highly recommend that you create one and install the Google badges. It is almost certain that they will play an important role in the future of SEO (for Google at least). Here’s a quick tutorial that Kim prepared about creating Google pages.

On a side note, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know about two awesome resources that were launched recently by two of my friends. Kristi Hines, made what already was good, better. She released the 2nd edition of her Blog Post Promotion (aff) ebook, and added Google+, FB Timelines and more. To make this short, if you want to learn how to “promote” a blog post the way it should be, look no further.

Michele Welch, my partner in arms, after several weeks of work, has finally put together her WordPress Training Hub. This is not your ordinary training hub, as you will find lots of step by step instructions on how to set up your online business presence using WordPress. The program includes over 40 videos, and tons of resources, like mind mapping, online business tools, etc… Take a look and take it a test drive.

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As usual, in no particular order.

Blogging/Online Business (tips and tools)


Social Web/Other Stuff

If I get links to a URL with and without a trailing slash, will my PageRank be split?

That’s it! Enjoy and here’s to a great week ahead.
[note]BTW, I am taking Apture for a test drive. Just highlight any text (preferably without a link) with your mouse and wait a second or two. You will see a learn more button coming up. Hover on it and see the results. What do you think?[/note]

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10 thoughts on “SpeedLink 43/2011, Blog Promotion, Google+ Pages, Blogging And WordPress Training

  • DiTesco, I’m finding a lot of new blogs on your speedlink this week. The Klout issue seems to be taking a turn for the worse and in the beginning I was really a fan. I don’t think I’m going to delete my accounts though. I still like the topics and seeing who is influencing who. Thanks for letting me know about Michele’s project. I’m off to take a look.


  • I like Matt Cutts webmaster videos. I constantly read people saying do this or don’t do that. I prefer to hear it from him so I know for sure what is right and what is wrong. I tend to forget to check his videos though, so it is nice that you post some. I actually have been wondering about the backslash thing. I know every now and then I forget the backslash to a subfolder or directory. Good to know it sounds like it is not that important and that apparently Google is smart enough to know it is the same link or page.

  • I’m not sure why there is such a love for Google+ right now and it’s pages. They appear to be rushed and still does nothing to enhance anything that offered. Facebook still dominates.

    Do you see this changing soon?

  • Another week , and another great list of quality posts . Thanks for sharing it DiTesco !

  • You did a good job DiTesco by providing us with lots of knowledgeable information with some issue with regards to search engine optimization. I love the video you have here since it came from the Google expert themselves. Thank a lot for sharing.

  • I actually have been wondering about the backslash thing. I know every now and then I forget the backslash to a sub folder or directory.

  • A client of mine made me rush on some websites that he did submit to because of the “/” he forgot to add at the end of the domain name. Good to know that Google can still track those links.
    Any thoughts on www vs non-www?

  • Very comprehensive tips you have here. I’m gonna create a WPWebHost Google+ Page pretty soon. Hope you guys can be part of my circle 🙂

  • Ditesco, when the G+ was launched all my friends shifted to it, even i was tempted and i also created an account with it, added a lot of friends i my circle.. but after that, everything went quite.. i mean after one week or so i was not seeing any updates from them on G+, yes, they were daily present in FB

    So, my question is that since G+ has launched pages also now, will it be like earlier when it will fizzle out? i havent used it, is it better than FB pages?

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