8 Cool Tips for New Bloggers

New Bloggers in 2011 have got their job cut out for them! The Internet is a crazy place and there are people out there saying crazy things. How do you know who to believe? All the scams, schemes, and push button software that have promised to make you a millionaire.

Luckily most people are now coming to the conclusion that the only true way to make money blogging is through hard work and dedication.

Here are some important tips that I have gathered on my journey.

Tips for New Bloggers

Limit your learning

New Webmasters often get caught up in learning how to build websites and how to make money blogging. The best learning experience that I can recommend to you is to get in there and do it! Do not try learning how to blog in theory when you can simply start a blog or a website today!

The first thing I would do is create a free blog and write about my learning experiences for the day.

Do not buy Internet marketing course after IM course. If you failed at the first course then go back and finish it.

Scrap that attitude

If you want to be successful at blogging you will need to get rid of a few built-in attitudes that might be hindering your performance.

  • I will do it tomorrow
  • I don’t know how to do it
  • I am not smart like you
  • I do not have time
  • I have a degree, I am better than you
  • I am an expert on every subject
  • No one is making money online

A bloggers attitude is sharing, caring, networking, and cool. Be that person.

Ex blogger

Create a schedule

Working on a computer on the Internet can be very distracting as there are e-mails coming in, comments to answer, and interesting articles posted every second. These distractions can delay your success and productivity time by possibly years. This is why I recommend that you create a timetable or schedule when participating in this business.

I have a timetable for each day. It starts with opening emails and answering comments and moves on to other particular tasks. If I have committed my self to working I need to accomplish my set tasks for the day.

Use a paid WordPress theme

You can build a website on practically zero dollars but buying a paid WordPress theme is something that I do recommend for new bloggers. The reason I say this is because you can get free support with your purchase.

It can be hard choosing the best WordPress theme for your website but if your theme comes with backup support this will save you hours of frustration. Most new bloggers can spend weeks and weeks customizing their blog theme. However if you purchase a WordPress theme you can simply go and ask a question in their forum and they will help you.

I have experience in HTML, PHP, and CSS, but why would I rack my brain when I can get the solution to any problem using my WordPress theme support.

Do not wait for the traffic

Website traffic does not simply appear on your blog. You have to get out there and work very hard to get website traffic. I could narrow the two main traffic sources down:

  1. Hard slog promotions to get traffic
  2. Search engine optimization to get traffic

The both these ways a great, but in essence, you will need both to succeed. For example when you have a new blog you will need to go build back links to your content via guest posting, article marketing, commenting, forums, and so on.

Some back linking brings traffic, but most back linking does count the search engine optimization. Therefore while you were generating traffic, you are also performing search engine optimization.

Never stop promoting

There will come a time when you have done so much promotion; you will see traffic coming for free from the search engines. People see this as a sign to relax, however you need to keep going and build the momentum. You need to keep the ball rolling when your website is in the growing stages.

Do not neglect SEO

Webmasters often get onto a new promotion method and run with it. This could be guest posting or article submission, which all eventually leads to search engine optimization. However you need to finish the job, by performing onpage search engine optimization at your website.

A simple explanation of Onpage SEO is:

  1. Target a keyword for each page or post
  2. Make a list of related keywords (LSI keywords)
  3. Find some good longtail keywords
  4. Create a killer title using your main keyword
  5. Use the keyword and LSI keywords in the tags, description
  6. Use the main keyword in the first and last line of your article
  7. Use H1,H2,H3 tags using the keyword and some LSI mixed in
  8. Have the main keyword density around 2% (some say more)
  9. Use LSI keywords throughout the article
  10. Add longtail phrases scattered in only in appropriate places

If you follow all of these instructions above, I guarantee that you will have a post that is full of information and really covers your subject. This will also make your posts longer an easy to read.

seo - tips for new bloggers

Never pretend

Never pretend that you are successful and making money when you in fact are not! Don’t be a know it all when you actually know nothing at all.

How will you ever become successful if you are already pretending to be successful?

New bloggers have 100% more to learn, 100% more distractions, but still have a 100% chance to succeed. It’s all up to YOU!

What tips would you give to a new Blogger who is just starting out?

Mitz Pantic

My name is Mitz and I am a serial full-time blogger. I started out with one website many years ago and it went so well, I sold my businesses and began living the internet dream. Since then I have been perfecting the system of blogging by building Wordpress websites that are set to earn money online. This is an ever changing business and I love the challenge.

36 thoughts on “8 Cool Tips for New Bloggers

  • Hi Mitz,

    Power tips here.

    Never stop promoting resonates with me. Promote the stuffing out of yourself and your buddies. Get the word out by sharing your content across a wide range of networks and doing the same for your blogging budds.

    This is the easiest way to expand your presence. Just have to be persistent in applying this strategy.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Ryan
      Very true. You need to spread your content across the network.. I am doing this with guest posting. I have about 4 going at the same time…

      And never stop promoting is the best advice I have for the successful blogger… When its good do not relax just get out there and keep going. 🙂

  • For me the problem was I usually would put off some blogging tasks, which hurt me in the long run. I now set myself some goals and stick to them.

    The key to blogging, as with anything in life, is never stop learning. The online world changes frequently, and very quickly, so you must continue to learn to keep up.

    • Hi Paul
      I know what you mean! I put many jobs off and my rankings suffered for it… I neglected publishing posts often and only did it when I felt like it…

      I have pulled my socks up now though ..:)

      Learning everyday is a good thing too… I have been using computers for 25 years and boy have they changed… I used to have a VIC 20 LOL…

  • The reason that most new bloggers do not succeed and give up after a few months is that they believe that they will easily earn thousands of dollars by just posting some articles, the truth of course is that if you want to be a successful blogger you must work hard, thanks for sharing

    • Yes that’s right!
      It takes hard work and a lot of it…Those get rich quick promises are just wrong!

  • Fantastic tips Mitz, i’m new to blogging but am loving it. I need to work a little bit more on my discipline & setting a work schedule but thanks for the great tips. Especially Seo stuff !

    • I am a SEO freak! I love the challenge of getting a page to the number one position.

  • Seo is really important,i learned it the hard way

  • I strongly believe in a paid wp theme.
    It enables you to have control over your blog.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Same here Michael
      I played with free themes for a long time and it was a total waste of time. Now I have a few different WP themes in my tool box…Like Thesis, Socrates, Elegant themes, and so on..

      You cannot beat the support they give..

  • This is a great post with awesome tips. It’s hard work to get a successful blog!

  • Hey, cool tips here… paid wp theme is the way to go and there’s nothing better than the thesis framework…

    • Yes I am a Thesis fan too… I have it on three websites and it is very easy to deal with.

  • “Limit Your Learning” …words of wisdom! You will know everything, and nothing will ever be perfect. But as long as you are actually doing something you can always tweak and improve. If you are sitting around learning you will never figure out how to get the perfect final product. And imperfect something is better than a perfect nothing.

    • I wow I love that saying “imperfect something is better than a perfect nothing”

      That reminds me of my first Youtube video…It was a disaster, so I thought, and people came back and said it was good… I had so much stress trying to get it perfect and decided to upload it anyway… that was the beginning of a Youtube partner in the making.. Now I have near 300 videos on Youtube.

  • Great post Mitz, lots of great tips.

    To me the attitude plays a big rule whatever we do.

    • Very true Rana!
      I am changing my attitude everyday because this online business is very different to offline business…

      Offline business people often do not network together for fear of competition. Online business people work together and help build each others businesses. Very cool! 🙂

  • Great post for give new life to newbie bloggers i am sure on that thing if they will follow these easy and simple steps into make their blog then definitely they will get positive response.

    One more thing mentioned very well in this post ‘Scrap that attitude’ this very useful words to follow in life.

    • LOL
      Yes I have often seen people with attitude and even I do at times…We need to be aware of this and keep ourselves in check!

      There are so many aspects to this online business.. We are perfecting our attitudes while building a business…

  • There are some solid tips here for sure. I definitely agree with your last one, Never Pretend, but I think a lot of bloggers…especially “make money online” types, try the opposite and go for the “Fake it Until you Make It”.

    • Yes this is true…”fake it until you make it” nice way to say it…

      I see this all the time. I do agree that newbie bloggers have some great information to share as they see things differently to full time bloggers…but they shouldn’t say they are making money when they are not…

      When they tell the truth about what they are doing and what they are making, people follow them even more…I really respect people that tell the truth..

      Tyrone Shum came out and admitted in the new year that he had been telling mis-truths and that most of his income was from services he performed and not blogging.. He gained a new kind of respect from doing this…

      • I agree, the truth is important here and definitely helps garner respect. I hadn’t heard that about Tyrone Shum, but I can see how this might earn him a little respect in the long run.

        • Yes the video (Tyrone S) was very sad and some comments were not good. But hey, he had to guts to do it and I have to give him that.

          Also Onibalusi from Youngprepro.com changed his ways after getting a harsh review from http://www.chrisg.com/stand-out-youngprepro-critique/ about saying he was earning money from blogging when he was not..

          Oni took it well and changed his about me line to “I make over $5000 monthly by writing for others” Another move that must be respected. Now Oni is focusing on teaching what he knows best…and not how to make money from blogging.

  • Mitz,

    So true.. This is really a good tips for new bloggers and hopefully they can absorb something out from here and be an expert blogger in no time.

    Cheers 🙂

  • These are great suggestions for bloggers. I like the one about “scrap the attitude” … we can always find more things to do than blogging. Staying focused and keeping your head “straight” so to speak is the best thing to do!

  • Hmmm ! well most of my friends have a disease just to keep asking me what do to and so on, they never wanted to gve anything a try so that they can learn.

    Its very hard for me to get them on track if some one is really interested to get some job done.

    • Hey Usman
      I have tried to motivate people that want to earn money and are looking for work… But in the end they really have to want to do it themselves.

      I am like you and give everything a try and learn as much is I can.

  • Great tips Mitz!
    I think the first one is the most important one, a hands on approach is the best way to learn.

    No matter how much and how long you keep reading articles and guides about blogging, you will not learn as much as if you would working on a blog, even if its a free blog.

  • Their are few things DiTesco which I would like to add…
    First as a blogger I recommend to get familiar with HTML and CSS, if you even know how they work you can save much time and give things a good shop and second thing that making everything perfect and ignoring your audience is the mistake which can take everything down. Do not loose focus on your content and engaging readers for a second

    • Great tips Umair !! 🙂

  • Great tips you have here! I started blogging in 2007 and really didn’t know much about what a blog even was back then but was working online at the time and figured it would be a great thing to start. So yeah, I had a lot to learn when I started but I just jumped right in and started playing around with my new blog. Now 4 years later, I manage 8 blogs (tho a couple I have not been active with) and they range from working at home to gardening. They are all passions of mine tho- my kids, photos, my life, gardening, working at home.

    That would be one of my best tips for a new blogger. Pick something you are passionate about and you will have an easier time succeeding. Some people pick a blog topic because they found out similar ones are very successful. It will be hard to be successful if you are blogging about something you do not know much about!!

    If you make a mistake (and we all do it so I should say when you do it) add it to your blog. Nobody is perfect so please don’t try to make your readers think you are. They will respect you if you say oops I made this mistake today but this is what I learned from it.

    Another thing is just be yourself, you will write much better then if you are trying to write like you are somebody else.

    • You sound like me Dawn..I have many websites and started out the same way as you..

      Oh boy have I made some fantastic mistakes!

  • Thank, I just jumped into my first blog last week and I can use all the help I can get. Thanks again.

  • hi mitz….awesome article…
    i am new in blogging and facing problems in grabbing traffic……i bet these tips will surely help me…
    keyword research is i think the most important thing…and this is the thing which is really hard to do…
    because all keywords are preoccupied by famous sites..but still there are chances and i am hoping that one day i will get the chance,
    amazing tips for newbies

  • I think a lot of things just take a bit of time. If you know that you are doing is the right thing done in the right way then given time traffic will come.
    Problem is most people think it’s instant success but it rarely is.

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