4 Reasons Why You Generate No Leads with Your Blog

I have been there. You blog like a beast, churning out content daily. Sometimes you publish a few posts daily, and still you see no leads. I have thought about quitting sometimes when it seemed as if my content was simply not growing my list and not making me any income. It can be annoying, frustrating and deflating, for sure, but if you can ride these feelings out, and look at yourself in the light of truth, well, you can correct your mistakes and begin generating leads with your blogging efforts.

Reason 1 – Too Many Calls to Action

Generating a lead means influencing readers to type their name and email address into an opt-in form, or you might goad them to click a banner and enter their contact information into your squeeze page. This means that you want to post few calls to action on your blog, because too many options spoils the lead generation pot. Give readers the option to click on your squeeze page ad, or type information into an opt-in form, or maybe click on an Adsense ad. If you post too many calls to action your readers become confused, and click none, which means you just lost out on a lead.

What is too many? If you generate no leads, or few leads, 3 calls confuse your reader. Cut it down to 2, or heck, 1. Sign up for my list or click on this 1 ad. Remember, this is for people who struggle to generate a single lead daily. If you want to boost your leads from a respectable number try paring down to a few calls, and see how this works.

Reason 2 – No Consistency

If you go to the doctor’s office you expect a doctor to show up at appointment time. The doctor then practices medicine on you, healing your ills with their medical skills. Makes sense, right? OK, let’s say you run a blog about making money online. You post about how to generate leads today. Good, this is directly related to making money online. Then tomorrow, you post about how to chase your dreams. Hmmm…this is like visiting a doctor’s office and seeing a lawyer pop out of the door, ready to cure your hacking cough with their knowledge of law. Sounds ridiculous, and it is, because writing about anything outside of the online money making niche confuses your audience, and sharply reduces your leads generated.

The exception? If you post 4 times a day, sharing one personal development post here and there will not confuse your online money making audience, for it can benefit them, and the ratio of these posts, in relation to all of your posts, is still low.

Reason 3 – Your Lead Generating Call to Action Is Not Ridiculously Obvious

OK, since you are inquisitive boys and girls I just know you will click the link to visit my blog after reading this post. You will see 2 banners on the side of my blog, one in bold letters, the other some bucks, and both point to my squeeze page. You will not miss them, I promise, and because of this, you are likely to click on one of them. Grab your attention, the banners do.

I also use a pop up form to snag my reader’s attention.

If you generate few leads you need to be more obvious. More in your face. Subtle calls are failed calls, because most people will simply not dig, or think, they want an easy to see call, and they will take the next step.

If you want me to do something you better make this darn obvious! Obvious, but not annoying.

Reason 4 – You Do Not End Each Post with a Call to Action

OK, I just read your post. What should I do next? You tell me, and you need to tell me, if you plan to generate leads. I end each blog post with a call to action within the post, then I follow up with a call to action in my resource box. This helps me generate leads because individuals have 2 chances to click and sign up.

OK folks, are you struggling to generate leads with your blog?

What lead generating tips can you add? Do you agree/disagree with any of the above?

Ryan Biddulph

Former fired security guard and current world traveler, Ryan Biddulph went from having a net worth of 4 cents to generating steady cash flow online while living in tropical paradises like Bali, Phuket and Hoi An. How does he help you burn your credit cards? To find out Click Here

26 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why You Generate No Leads with Your Blog

  • I agree with your points Ryan, It’s important to use only selected call to action so that your readers won’t get confused and run away from your blog. You need to consistent with your efforts and don’t believe that all you visitors will take your mentioned call to action.

    • Aasma, really smart tips here. Keep your call clear and consistent. Thanks buddy. Ryan

  • I am willing to agree with all these tips. Many blogs looks like Christmas tree and definitely doesn’t send the right message to readers. Actually, I personally think that it is quite difficult to sell through blogging, excepts through business blogs.

    • LOL Carl, that is funny and true. Selling does become easier if you provide value on a persistent basis. Thanks dude. Ryan

  • Hi Ryan

    I absolutely agree that giving too many options will lead to no action. One such example I can give for this is : There are many websites using only sign up through Facebook feature no other options to sign up. Hence you have to sign up through facebook by which are killing 2 birds with one shot :
    1. Making you sign up.
    2. Improving their outreach on facebook.

    Call to action at end of post works great.

    • Hi RaHul, Super creative way to influence individuals to do one thing. Sometimes we forget that programming folks to do 1 thing, and do it frequently, influences individuals to do that thing. Thanks buddy. Ryan

  • I agree with you.You have shared such a nice post, I am also facing the same problem.I lot lot of useful info, thanks.

  • Hi Ryan,
    Generating no leads for your blog do depends on your blog itself. All is depend on the content itself. A blogger needs to update its blog with unique content so that it grabs the attention of your visitors. Apart from this, I also think that a blogger needs to be very interactive too with his visitors by replying to their comments. Well interaction do increase traffic to your blog. This is all what I feel. Thanks for the share!!

    • Excellent point about engaging Aditi, I love it. This draws more traffic and leads to your blog. Thanks for sharing. Ryan

  • When we write a blog post, we need to target it to someone or a particular group of people. We cannot plainly write a post and leave it untouched. Leads will only be generated when the content becomes visible to the targeted audiences. You need to involve certain strategies for that as well.

    • This is beyond key Thomas, target and prosper. Thanks for sharing with us. Ryan

  • I believe that consistency and quality are the key elements that contribute in developing leads. These are the most important of all and they matter as this article rightly explains.Thanks for sharing this article.

  • Hey Ryan,
    A well-written post!! Of late, a friend of mine has been facing this problem with his blog. After reading this post, I ascertained that the reason for less leads to his blog is the lack of call to action. I will convey to him where he is lacking. Thanks for sharing these points, as when one learns his mistakes, and corrects it, the chances for achieving success are ameliorated to a great extent.

    • Yep Aayna, posting a clear and direct call makes all the difference in the world. Thanks for sharing. Ryan

  • Certainly useful tips that are effective in generating leads to ones blog. Thanks for sharing the information.

    • Thanks Fatima and on a side note I love Bali. I lived there for 5 months over the past 2 years. Ryan

  • One thing I’d like to add. A great design helps, but don’t go overboard with it. Keep it simple, and get straight to the point. *CTA above the fold, etc.*

  • The points mentioned are some of the factors behind our blog not generating the expected leads.Consistency and high quality post is something required for success with our blog and we should work on these two aspects very carefully.Also humor is one aspect which can help you to get much more views but it should be incorporated only if it suits your blog post.

  • I think we should decide at first about the audience that we intend to target because this is something which counts in the long run.After selecting the targeted audience we can easily adopt a strategy to attract them towards our blog.Thanks for sharing this post.

    • This makes total sense Jack. Target and work from there to more effectively zero in on your audience. Thanks for sharing!

  • I have been facing so many problems with my blog and i am not getting the leads that i expect.I really want to do something about it.Thanks for sharing this detailed article.

    • Keep working Joseph you will get there! Just persist like heck and you can prosper mightily with this gig. Thanks for sharing dude!

  • Hey Ryan,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this important post with us. yes, for getting success in blogging , we have to update our blog regularly and have to make our focus on one thing.

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