The 3 Crappy Ideas About Blogging You Should Dump Right Away!

You wouldn’t believe how many misconceptions and limiting beliefs people have about blogging that totally hinder their ability to make money online.

Remember, no matter what, it all starts with you and how you think, so let’s take a few minutes to talk about a few of those beliefs that you absolutely have to get rid of to succeed on the internet.

1. Blogging Doesn’t Work

This is the very first and in my opinion most important false idea about blogging. Why do I think it’s so important? Because, quite honestly, if you’re sure something is not going to work, you’re not really going to take the time or put in the effort necessary to succeed.

The truth of the matter is that blogging does work. Just take a look at this:

Did you see how much cash those sites pull in?


2. Blogging is Just Too Much Work

Another thing people tend to think that really baffles me sometimes is that blogging takes a whole lot of work.

I mean, if you want to make anything work, no matter if it’s a 9 to 5, an offline business or an online company (which is basically what your blog is. It’s an online company that has the potential to put some serious dough in your pocket) you have to put in the work and time required to make it happen.

No one expects to open up a vegetable store and make a killing right away, right? You open it, put in what’s needed, and…

…then you enjoy the benefits of your work.

With that said, however, blogging really doesn’t have to be that much work. I mean, you really don’t have to sit there and write a post every day.

All you have to do is provide value to people, drive some traffic to the site, and pretty soon, if you do it right, you’ll build an awesome following. You’ll see!

3. I Am Not Good At Writing

See, when people come online to search for something, they don’t do it because they want to read a dissertation or some fancy geek speak. They have a problem and they need a solution.

You don’t have to be so good at writing to present that solution to them. All you have to do is actually have something that works and then kind of tell them about it.

Conversational, fun and easy to read. That’s the language of the Internet.

I know that blogging sounds hard and complicated, but it really isn’t. All you have to do is  get going at it and you’ll have so much fun you won’t ever want to stop.

Believe  me.

Just give blogging a shot, and remember, if there are any questions or anything you need to talk about, go ahead and holler. I’ll be here to help you out. I’ve been blogging for a long time and there’s a whole ton of stuff I can share with you, just ask.

Wong Chendong

Blogger | Copywriter | Designer | Enthusiast - Wong Chendong is genuinely concerned about bloggers’ efforts in the blogosphere. While many online and marketing gurus prey on the uneducated and impressionable, he share his blogging knowledge instead of robbing people blind like the wicked of the web. He has been where you are and knows for a fact that he can help you. Find out how you can improve your blogging knowledge by reading his blogging tips @

37 thoughts on “The 3 Crappy Ideas About Blogging You Should Dump Right Away!

  • That’s absolutely true. In fact I was thinking about a lot of these points while I was writing my latest article about the internet marketing lies.

    The point which I agree 101% is the one that says you needn’t be an excellent writer. Although you needn’t be the best, you certainly need some level of skill which you will develop soon enough if you participate in forums. You just need to write more to improve. Also observe other native writers writing. Copyblogger is a must read to learn how to write engagingly.

    However, I wouldn’t agree on your point that “Blogging is Just Too Much Work” is just not the case. Blogging is real work. Whether you work full time or part time, when you are not an A lister, you need to spends hours and hours churning our quality content, promoting your articles and so on.

    I also wouldn’t give those figures of high earning blogs to make it look like earning from blogs is easy. Simply because it is not. It takes a lot of hard work. Even after that, most blogs fail to make any money.

    • I admit blogging is hard work, but if you enjoy it, it won’t be hard and before you knew it, you are almost having fun with it. Personally for those who said blogging is hard are usually people who are not yet into blogging, what I mean is just imagine playing your favorite game and at certain level it was so hard that you went into research on how to play, is that hard work or fun?
      And the answer is the same as blogging….

  • Hey Wong,

    That’s amazing. You have seriously read the mind of newbie bloggers. I believed in all these myths while I started out as a newbie.

    It is hard to believe unless you experience it. I now believe that my blog can actually make money, and I don’t have to kill myself for that 🙂


    • Well, it’s glad to hear that and I too believe you can make money out of your blog and better more, make money outside your blog… you will eventually get to the point and I’m looking forward to seeing it 🙂 and it’s been great to guest post on your blog.

  • Great points! People don’t realize the economic potential of writing about what they like. Perez Hilton wanted a gossip blog and look what it has turned into!

    • Ya, he wanted a gossip blog but in the end it turns into he becoming the gossip that everyone is talking about… lol

  • Hi Wong,

    THANK YOU! I am relatively new to blogging. I keep thinking in the back of my head, “why am I doing this? I keep getting told that blogging isn’t how to make money.” But then you go and post #1. Of course blogging can make you money. It’s about the sales, actually sales technique, which I am still trying to learn. I sell eBooks and services on my blog. I haven’t made much but when that email comes in that tells be I sold something, WOW! I get excited! Blogging doesn’t make money like a storefront doesn’t make money, it’s what’s inside that makes the money. What you sell.

    And yes, blogging is hard. BUT if you love it, it’s not. Just like anything else in life.


    • Ya blogging isn’t hard , and when you love it, it is so much fun, I love it when I write content and people started commenting talking about what I wrote and seeing the reaction of the comment is always something that excite me… I believe you had the same feeling too, right?

  • Hey Wong it’s pretty more inspiring and they really are the main (mis)conceptions. Its true as Jane said, you don’t have to kill yourself but a sincerity and dedication is always expected. You should respect blogging as your other jobs.

    Money in blogging is in fact marketing techniques?

    • Well… to me… blogging isn’t a job and if you think is a job then blogging is no different as an 8 to 5 job, for me blogging is all about building yourself to a higher level, is not about job or business, is the learning and creation of something that you had yet to see or even reach, and once you get there which is your goal, you will eventually think “Blogging is Not a Job, but a tool that let’s you grow to a better tomorrow”…

  • Yeah, what gets me the most is the writing. I mean even is school I was never and English class kinda person. I tend to outsource most of my writing now since I know it not my strong suit. Wong, I know where you’re coming from, saying that everyone can write, but if you can outsource it for a good price you can save value time. Just my 2 cents.

    • Well, to be honest, you do not know where I’m coming from, and I can tell you everyone can write, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are, the most important thing is whether or not you have the guts to learn and if you do, I got to tell you… you will realize how writing may be the hardest work in the world but the secret behind it… is all about your mind, if it’s right you will know what to write and how to write… hope you understand the meaning behind why some people just couldn’t write…

    • Well you doesn’t need to write by yourself in order to have a blog you can just let people guest post at your blog…

  • Hey Wong! Very encouraging words and points. Anyone who is sitting on the fence about the importance of blogging should check out your first point and get to work!
    Great post – stay awesome my friend.

    • Thanks, and hopefully, there will be more and more people coming in to blog and make communities niches more and more better then ever:)

  • I love this post Wong! Excellent for newbies in the blogosphere. The 3 crappy ideas you have shared are often the ideas that come out when a blogger is just plain lazy who wants to make money online fast. Well, they have to realize that blogging is not just about making money and if they want to earn, I think it should not be money but friendship, respect and learning from others.

    • Well, actually blogging means a lot of things and how each and everyone look at it, will make the difference in how the blog is going to be.

  • I think one needs to be serious and needs to be confident. If you are not read to commit to your project than you are bound to fail. You need to think positive and stick with things. If you let go for a while you forget what you were doing and working on. Sometimes you need to start from square one because you forgot what you did. That is very time consuming and not investing your time in a positive manner. Everyone is different though. You never know who will jump into the internet game and who will not. Whether you are just smart or lucky. But, that is part of the fun.

    • This blog is giving me some problem in replying to comment because is loading too damn slow, but anyway, I had manage to reply to you and you are right that everyone is different and in order to play the game you absolutely had to be a player and to me smart and luck always is in the part of any game…

      • Hi Wong. I noticed you saying that my site is loading slow. Does this happen all the time, or was it on a specific time frame? Is the “slowness” only when commenting or is it the whole site that is loading slow. Thanks I appreciate your feedback so I can tackle the issue.

        • I occasionally visit your blog, usually most of the time, is when I want to comment. For example, when I had written my comment, and click submit or reply and submit, it will load very long….
          I’m not sure if it’s your site problem or my server problem, but I do not have any problem with other blog….

          • Hi Wong. Thanks for letting me know about this issue. I have CloudFlare installed and I understand that it could cause certain problems sometimes, depending on some factors which I really don’t fully understand (yet), about IPs being whitelisted for certain countries. I don’t know if this is what is causing your difficulties, but if you are unsure why this is happening, it makes it difficult to address. I will keep an eye on things though…

            • Hey, I’m also using cloudflare as a free user, I’m not sure about you, though I had yet to be a pro user because of some research I did they are not yet that stable to even paid.
              Anyway, I will see to it.

  • Hi Wong,

    I really like your style of writing. This is your second post that I’ve read and I like the punch in your words!

    If you love what you are doing, you will enjoy blogging but it is hard work nonetheless. We run the risk of working too much on our blogs. “Oh, let me just do one more thing before I go to bed” … 3 hrs later, you are still there.

    This is my greatest fear of blogging that’s why I prefer static websites. Maybe this post will make me think more about it.

    • Well… if you are still there, it means you still like to be there because your passion is there but of course… you don’t sit there for another 3 hours just to think of a post to write… well that’s not passion but a problem and possibly a problem that need some solving answer.
      Anyway, thanks for reading my guest post, and may it’s time for you to think more about it…

  • Hi Wong,
    Definitely a must read for all newbies and mostly for all those who are thinking of giving up. You are right, people do have the above misconceptions about blogging but blogging is really not hard nor as easy as they think. I think it is important to consider it as a job rather than just past time.

    • No! You should tell people to think blogging as a job, remember this “Most of the job out there are done by people was are lazy to wake up in the morning” and if you put blogging into the job category… you are doom to be boring without passion…
      Blogging should be put into the hobby category because… who doesn’t like to do their own hobby stuff…. do you?

  • I love blogging and I also believe that the people who ignore the importance of blogging by giving fake reasons which doesn’t make sense are making fool of themselves. But, Wong when it comes to earn from your blog I am not sure that every blog can earn reasonable amount of dollars. The success of the blog can only be determined by the people who are following the blog but not by the revenue its earning. I think their are so much variables involved when it comes t earn from the blog and it is also a game of luck. Because you are not selling something through your blog (in case you are not an affiliate but a normal blogger) the only source of earning through a blog is ads which is always unpredictable sometimes your CTR is 100% and sometime noting!!!

    • Well, to me blogging is a tool for a business, how much you can earn from the blog is not much important but how much you can gain a customer. By using the tool right, eventually you will earn not just direct from the blog but also indirect for example… selling through email list you had gather using your blog as a tool or freelance job, that you had gain from your blog.
      Finally, don’t always think about blog had very less potential in making but bucks, it is how you going to use it to your advantage to earn those big bucks….
      So, it is not about who follow who… is all about how you use it to gain something out of it.

      • I was talking about different perspective which was not in the perspective of business it was general blogging through which you share your self not your business.

  • excellent article ! It is so ridiculously true that the very first thing you MUST acknowledge when blogging (for beginners or seasoned bloggers as well) is that to always remind yourself that “Blogging DOES work!”..

    It is vital that you always remember this or else you are asking to fail.
    It takes time but it will be worth it once you have an established blog pulling in loyal readers in time.

    I love to blog and also enjoy teaching others if i get the chance.

    Thank You once again for a very inspiring post ! 🙂

    • Ya blogging does work, I mean it’s been proven by so many blogger in the world, what more can we ask for, if anyone thinks it can’t work, well… it will eventually not work, it’s the mind and persistence that’s going to make it work, thanks for reading my guest post and commenting is great to hear inspiring comment…

  • Hi Di,
    I know blogging is tough job the title,keywords dis siding.Content writing is difficult task.But when blogger aware with all these things and got experience in blogging field.It is the best way for online marketing.

  • Blogging is never easy. Personally, since I maintain a lot of site and I am not confident with my written english, I simply hire people to do the writing for me. It doesn’t just save me time writing the content, but I can also focus more on other important things such as management and looking for nice topics for my writers to write about.

  • Hi Bad Blogger

    I had the same crappy idea before. I thought I’m not good at blogging. However, a friend of mine told me that I would never know if i would not even try. Try I did. Guess what? My primary income comes from blogging. My wife and I have a lot of websites now.

    I hope this topic of yours help a lot of people to try blogging.

  • This is definitely some great tips to those who are newbie in blogging and also a great way to encourage them into the blogging communities.

  • Great points. Without a doubt as long as you’ve got something to say, you can blog. You don’t need to be a brilliant writer, because that’s not what blogging is about. In truth the more you blog, the better your writing becomes.
    When you first start, you can put as much time and effort into blogging as you want. There is nobody telling you what you have to do, and you can blog once a week if that’s what you want. But once you catch the bug and start wanting more traffic, higher alexa ratings etc, then yes your workload does increase, and sometimes can get to ridiculous levels, but you do it because you love it.

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