Traffic Generation Contest Winners Gets CuteRank

Following the announcement of the traffic generation contest winners, organized by Hesham of famousbloggers, Andy of ComLuv, Anne of MyBlogGuest and yours truly, I am happy to announce that all winners have now been paid.

Another thing you might not know about is that we have offered 10% of the net proceeds of this contest to a charity in Egypt. Hopefully this initiative, will help those in need, even if it is just a little bit. As I usually say, “every bit counts”, right?

Anyway, as an added bonus (not a color iphone app, lol), the first 10 winners will receive a free license of CuteRank Pro from Zac Qen. I therefore advice the following people to pay attention to your inbox, just to make sure you don’t delete it accidentally. Enjoy using your new SEO professional tool and if you like it a lot, let your friends know about it. I’m sure Zac will appreciate the thought.

What Is CuteRank PRO?

As you all know, search engine optimization requires some work and one of them, is to monitor your SEO progress. CuteRank is a powerful keyword rank checker tool which is designed to automatically help you check keyword positions for unlimited domains and track their performance on multiple search engines such as, Google, Yahoo, Bing (MSN), Ask, and AOL. In addition, CuteRank allows you to keep your SEO notes and see how your keyword position improves with your SEO effort. You can also generate keyword position report in multiple formats. Instead of trying to figure out what position your are in, just insert all the keywords you want or let CuteRank automatically detect keywords for you, and let it do its magic.

For those of you that are interested in using CuteRank, I highly recommend downloading the free version, which is 100% fully functional, being only limited to the number of domains and some reporting formats.

cuterank pro edition

That’s it! Congrats once again to all the winners and to our sponsors, who made this happen. I hope you all had fun and that the experience was worth it. I know it was for me.

Meanwhile, I am participating on a contest myself too, this time organized by SERPd. The topic is about, get this, Ramadama Dingdong and Swamp Ass, lol. Obviously they don’t really mean a thing as these are nothing but mere SEO terms which I will be trying to rank for as quickly as possible on Google’s first page. Wish me luck and if you want to know more or have some fun, just click on those terms and head over there to show a little support :). Will be very much appreciated.


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17 thoughts on “Traffic Generation Contest Winners Gets CuteRank

  • That’s a nice little bonus.. I’ll have to check that service out myself. Thanks for sharing!

    • Kristi, I have been using the free version since the contest started (that is when I learned about it) and I really like it. With Pro version you can track multiple sites but free version was all I needed to track the blog.

      It is so easy to follow the rankings and changes.

      Thank you , Francisco, and thanks to Zac, I fell in love with this tool first time I installed it and this is such a great surprise!!! Already upgraded it and now off to check out what else to add into it.

      • I remember reading about it when DiTesco posted an article on it. Haven’t used it yet though… will definitely have to look into it!

        Congrats to the top 10! Always lovely getting that added bonus, isn’t it? 😉


        • Hi Michele. So sorry that this was limited to only the top 10. Sponsors requirement, sniff! Anyway, the free version as I told Kristi is very good too and if you ever want to jump to PRO, let me know first, OK 😉

          • It’s all good…no jealousy here, lol. I was really just happy I made it in the top 15. 🙂

            I will definitely let you know. I just add this to to ever-growing to-do list 😉 so I don’t forget.

            Ciao my dear!

      • You are welcome Brankica. I knew you were one that wanted to grab the PRO version when you first wrote about the “flying colors”, lol. Well enjoy and let me know what you think of it.

    • Hi Kristi. You are welcome. CuteRank is a pretty nifty tool and works great on monitoring your keywords on several search engines. The free version is quite good being limited to only a few thing in comparison with the PRO. It is not a trial version and one can use it as much as they want. thanks for stopping by

  • it is a sweet surprise. Thanks a lot Zac!

    • Hi Ariff. You are welcome. Hope you find the tool useful.

  • Thanks for the download link – a new tool in the basket again.

    • Indeed Suresh. Yet another tool.. But believe it or not, it is the only one I use to monitor my “keyword” rankings on major search engines. It is 99,9% accurate 🙂 Give it a go, its free!

  • Hi Ditesco, Zac,

    It came as a sweet surprise to me! I learned about CuteRank only because of the contest and I am thankful for the organizers for that. I installed the free version when Brankica blogged about it and I simply loved it. Not the pro version is an irresistible gift.

    Thanks to all the organizers and sponsors. And I am so happy about donation to charity.

    Woooo! The contest has rocked! Am awaiting the ebook now 🙂


    • Hi Jane. You are welcome and I hope you enjoy the PRO version as much as you did the free version (I’m sure you will, lol).

      As for the charity donation, yeah that felt good (sharp eye) 😉

  • Awesome surprise ! I really loved it so much! thanks a lot Zaz 😀

    • *zac

  • Congrats to the winner and I really sorry that I failed to join the contest. That is great to to hear the winners get a bonus.

  • sounds like a great contest I am sorry I missed it.

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