Create Free (Viral) Content That Works Like A Traffic Magnet

If you’re serious about this Internet Marketing game, you will need to, at some point in time, create content, be it video, audio or ebooks.

This is just a given.

I mean, you need content to give away, you need it to make money, you need it to establish yourself as an expert.

Very few people realize, however, that free content can be a great source of awesome, prequalified, presold traffic to your blog, and I’d like to talk to you about that now.

See, we all have friends, and one of our most important desires as human beings is to share what we like and love with our friends.


  • We watch our favorite movies with them.
  • We tell our favorite jokes to them.
  • We go visit our favorite places with them, and…
  • …We Share what we come across online with them.

If you want your content to be shared with tons and tons of people, the very first thing that needs to happen is…

It needs to have great value to your market and it needs to be entertaining at the same time.

Of course, what’s valuable to your visitors will change from market to market, but here are some examples for you:

  • Your content should share some great news with your market (the kind of news your visitors are really passionate about.)
  • It should provide them with awesome entertainment (be funny, be obnoxious, be surprising, etc.)
  • It ought to give them something to think about (a revolutionary idea that has to be proven.)
  • It needs to be short and to the point (Just like Hesham Zebida’s “15 Minutes Later”)

Then, it needs to be published at the right time.

Let me give you a quick example here…

You know 9-11 that happened in the U. S. some time ago, right?

No one really likes to talk about it, because it was a great tragedy to the nation, but if a month before it happened, someone circulated a report stating it’s going to take place, it would more then likely go viral and spread like wild fire, because it would have revolutionary ideas that people would just love to share with their friends.

Now, as you know, if this report was published now, no one would really care about it anymore, because it’s so long after the fact.

You know what I am saying?

Lastly, your content needs to be presented through the right channel.

That means, that if your market likes to read books, then send them an ebook. If they prefer listening to an audio, then give them that, if they’d rather watch a video, then that’s your best option, but no matter what medium you choose, you have to make sure that it’s easy to share online.

People are lazy, and they don’t want to work to share your content, so…

An ebook needs to be light enough to fit as an attachment to an email. A video or an audio should have a “share” or “embed” link that people can copy and paste around.

No matter what you do, just make sure that your content is easy to share, provides great value to your market, is entertaining and is published at the right time, and whatever you have to say will go viral in no time and will bring floods of visitors to your site.

Now, here’s a question for you:

Do you remember what you liked to share with your friends?

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Wong Chendong

Blogger | Copywriter | Designer | Enthusiast - Wong Chendong is genuinely concerned about bloggers’ efforts in the blogosphere. While many online and marketing gurus prey on the uneducated and impressionable, he share his blogging knowledge instead of robbing people blind like the wicked of the web. He has been where you are and knows for a fact that he can help you. Find out how you can improve your blogging knowledge by reading his blogging tips @

11 thoughts on “Create Free (Viral) Content That Works Like A Traffic Magnet

  • Hi Wong,

    Wow.. Another awesome guest post. I think values speaks then any other thing.

    Providing quality content is very important at least in blogging/mmo niche.

    I like your point about providing value in short and to the point.

    Anyways, Thanks for sharing this great Post. Keep rocking and have a powerful day.


    • Yes, value is really important, people wants value and if the value is top-notch quality… expect stuff to go viral almost as soon as a few knows and it spread…
      Thanks for coming by reading and commenting….

  • OK Unique high quality content product creation is key; pretty much a given…any ideas?

    • What ideals do you mean?

      • Ideas for these products.

        • I’m not sure what you mean, but if you want to create an ideal product that goes viral, then the ideal product should be “video” type of content and using video site such as youtube or dailymotion (which marketer seldom use this) For some reason, I’m not sure… but dailymotion video seems to work well along side youtube because both are able to be played on mobile device such as iphone or ipad… and with that… going viral online and on mobile is likely to occur..

          • Thanks for the tip on dailymotion, I hadn’t heard of it before. 🙂

  • Unique content and right audience do the trick for you and help you to get unlimited amount of traffic

  • Well, I think everyone wants to find and write content that would go viral, but it’s hard to think of ideas when you have to start the trend sort of speak.

    I think if someone would have said that WTC would be struck by planes a month before it happened people would have dismissed it as being some crazy punk, but it would have gone viral after the attack had happened because it would have been something exceptional that someone knew about it before it happened.

    But, trying to write something that you would recommend to your friends is certainly the way to create viral content. Also, thinking about what you would share with someone else is an other way to think of what to write in order to become viral.

  • Good article Wong.. I’m just starting to recognize this for my own self…your right quality content is king. Thanks.

  • Hey Wong,

    well said people are lazy to share the things so our content should be damn easy to share you never know when a link can go viral for you.

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