Traffic Generation Blogging Contest 2011

Do you know of any traffic generation tips?

Traffic generation as you all know is a very important aspect to help you succeed in your online ventures. One of the most common terms you will see out there is “no traffic = no…..” This is a very true statement and something that no one should ever ignore. Regardless of your ulterior motive, any online presence needs traffic, period. Whether it comes from search engines, social networks, forums, directories, whatever, you need to get your message across and drive internet users towards your website.

That said, I am happy to announce a blogging contest that will start on March 1st and will run for a full 30 days. The main objective of this contest is to learn from “other people’s experience”, share your knowledge to the community, build relationships and as a bonus, earn money, if you are amongst the lucky winners.Traffic Generation Contest Big

The Topic Of The Contest

After a lot of time spent brainstorming the idea. We all had something in common. What topic should we pick, that would benefit everyone? Everyone regardless of their niche. What is it that everyone has as a common need?Well, this is where “traffic generation” comes in. It is for everyone!

You should therefore write an article that does just that, “how to obtain more traffic” for your website, or for any other “destination”, such as an article you wrote on an article directory for example. Tips, How To Type, Tutorials, Videos, etc., are all welcome. Some suggestions:

  • How To Build Relationship and Increase Traffic Using CommentLuv
  • How To Increase Traffic By Implementing Simple SEO Tactics (white hat)
  • How To Use Twitter, Facebook, etc. to drive traffic
  • Tools, Plugins, etc., that help achieve more traffic
  • How to use forums effectively to get traffic
  • A combination of different traffic generation tactics
  • Anything else that you can think of that can help achieve this objective.

Why Should You Participate?

I’m sure you have already seen and read the benefits of guest posting. Some of the immediate benefits include, but not limited to, are:

  • You gain exposure
  • You get to know other people and build a community
  • You get backlinks
  • You learn from others
  • You enhance your writing skills
  • You get the chance to let people know who you are and that you exist
  • and Yes, combining every single benefit, you get more traffic
  • And more..

As you can see, the whole idea of this contest is to provide everyone a win/win scenario. Obviously, there is an added incentive for those who manages to stand out and win as there is a (big) reward for you for your efforts.

What Do You Have To Do To Participate?

To avoid duplicity, please read the announcement made by Andy of ComLuv. Hesham of FamousBloggers also made the announcement, and there are equally valuable information over there about the contest. Please take a moment to read them. Once you get familiar with “the rules of engagement” :), now is a good time to start “thinking” about the article you are going to share with us and get on it as soon as possible. You have plenty of time to do a research, create a video, etc. Be creative, have fun and remember, all articles submitted will generate a lot of exposure. You win either way, and so does everyone who participates.

The Team



Sponsors Welcome

This contest would not have been made possible without the generous participation of our sponsors (to be announced soon). All have realized the benefit of being a sponsor for this contest, and I want to take this opportunity to also extend you the invitation of being our sponsor (still open). All of the members of the organizing team will be more than happy to answer any of your questions. You can contact me at any time and we can discuss the various levels of sponsorships we are looking for.

That’s it! Keep checking back, as we will be releasing updates, as things develop. Thank you for taking the time to get familiar with the upcoming Traffic Generation Blogging Contest.

Now is the time that I will ask for your support and help us promote this contest. If you have the chance, please share this post to your Twitter followers, FaceBook friends, etc. The more people who know about this, the merrier :). Thanks again!


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24 thoughts on “Traffic Generation Blogging Contest 2011

  • Very interesting Ditesco! Hope I could also join…

    • Hi Jhong. good to see you here. This contest is for everyone so it will not only be fun but our pleasure to have you participate and share your experience with us. Counting on you 🙂

  • Sounds like a pretty cool contest, but as you probably know I’m not one to compete in these sort of things. That’s not to say I won’t be monitoring the efforts of others though, who knows what I may learn.

    I take it that you’ll be entering and you’ve got a plan of action all set out? 😉

    • Hi Sire. Yeah, I know that you are not really into this type of things, as you had the occasion of mentioning in the previous contest that was held by Hesham and Andy. This time though, since I am one of the organizers, I won’t be “entering” the contest “per say”, but rather be a part of the team that will be managing all of the entries and promotions. I think that the topic is very interesting and certainly will be something to tag along to see what “other people” have to say.

  • I am in already and your post here has given me some topic to research, I am already trying to put together a killer post would really be hoping to win

    • Hi Iroko. That’s great. I wish you good luck and if you want to start early, head over to Comluv and see how you can do it.

  • Your post is truth one. I agree “no traffic = no”. The traffic is very difficult one from internet marketing. Lot of times I felt but your article very boost up me .

    • Hi Lakshmi. Thanks for the compliment. Hope you decide to participate in our contest, it will be great.

  • This is a grand contest and looking forward to seeing the entries.

    • Hi Justin. Sorry for the delay in my response. I hope that the contest will allow us to learn a bit more about the subject matter and if you find the time perhaps you can participate. We would definitely love to hear your thoughts about “Traffic Generation”. Thanks for stopping by

  • I would be happy to join if I had the time. As it is, I have had several backlogs for the past days. Good luck to you all.

    • Hi Jena. How are you? good to see you here. The contest will last for 30 days and if possible there should be some time there that you can spare to share your experience with us 🙂 Think about it.

  • Hi DiTesco,
    This will definitely generate a good rapport among the bloggers and this can be considered as guidelines for newbies..

    Thank You

  • Hi DiTesco:

    The theme of this contest is an interesting one, especially as it’s on the single common need by every blogger /online business owner, and an “insatiable commodity” at that.

    I am considering entering the contest – to leverage on the learning and exposure it could offer me, and my new blog.

    Thanks for the suggested topics:) …A nice starting point.

    • Hi Stella. You are right about one thing, if you decide to participate, there is no doubt that it will provide you with an additional exposure and also learn from others within the process. Judging by your last post, it seems that you like talking about traffic generation. You see this is the type of entries we are looking for. So join us and good luck. I am looking forward to see your entry-

  • Very interesting contest, I would suggest this to the company but if they don’t like to participate then I would do it for my personal blog 🙂

    • Hi Spencer. been to your website and it appears that it could use some added exposure, lol. This is the type of contest that allows that for sponsors while getting the chance to get exposure by commenting for example on all entries of the contest. You get backlinks, and more. Shoot me an email if you want and I can send you the details of the sponsorship levels. Sponsorship spots are being taken rapidly so let me know. Thanks

  • Hi DiTesco,

    I look forward to participating in this event and networking with you,
    Can you send me more details about becoming a sponsor?


    • Hi John. Your participation will definitely be welcome. I’ll shoot you an email regarding sponsorships. Thanks for stopping by

  • The contest does sound good, but the main benefit I see here is in learning more ways to drive traffic 😉

  • Hi DiTesco,
    I have a question – I’m one of the sponsors of the contest. Can I participate in the contest with a blog post at the same time or sponsors are not allowed to submit?

    • Hi Milan. First, thanks for being our sponsor. As for you being able to participate or not, let me check that with my partners and will get back at you with an answer quickly.

    • Hi Milan. Just cleared this out and unfortunately, sponsors are not allowed to participate this time. We do not want participants to think that it may be unfair, so I apologize that we have not been clear about this matter earlier. Hope you understand.

      • No Problem at all. I’m happy to be part of it as sponsor too. I’m looking forward to the contest, and I’m sure it will be packed with great traffic generation ideas.

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