4 Vital Tips to Help Increase Your Affiliate Sales

For those of you who are unaware: affiliate marketing involves selling a product/service on behalf of a vendor in return for a commission for every sale or lead that is generated. Affiliate Marketing is an attractive form of internet marketing because there are literally thousands of products you can choose to promote, and there isn’t the hassle of engaging in customer support. While this area of Internet Marketing is certainly appealing, it is also the most competitive industry online, and many affiliates achieve little to no success. But there are many affiliate marketers who earn a six figure annual income, and some even achieve seven figures a year.

In this article I will outline 4 essential tips that need to be followed to help increase your affiliate sales:

1) Evaluate Your Conversion Rates

The conversion rate of a site or webpage is calculated by dividing the number of visitors to your site who performed a certain action – opting-in to your email list or purchasing a product – over the total number of visitors in a specified period. For example: if you are selling an ebook on your site, and you receive 100 visitors to your site in one day, and out of the 100 visitors 5 people purchase your ebook, then your site’s conversion rate will be 5/100 which equals 5%.

A low conversion rate suggests a possible problem with your site. To diagnose the problem you should examine areas such as:

  1. Sales copy – Is it capturing the visitors attention and stimulating desire?
  2. Overall navigability of your site – Is your site user-friendly?
  3. Load time of a specific webpage – Are there too many graphics and other media that prolongs your sites load-time?
  4. Appearance of your site – Does your site look spammy?
  5. Payment process – Do you offer a secure payment portal that is easily accessed?

Targeted keywords – Are you targeting keywords that are informational or “buyer hungry”?

2) Strong Call-to-Action

Visitors to your site want to be told what to do next. If you do not offer clear and concise direction on what action to take, your visitor will be lost. Take them by the hand and tell them: “Click here to get your FREE ebook,” or “Register for your free trial HERE,” or you could place a bold “Buy Now” button that attracts a click. Everyone loves freebies, and as such, you should highlight the freebies and bonuses that are on offer if your visitor buys your product or performs any other desired action. If you do not have any freebies to give, try rewriting some of your “killer” and older blog posts, convert them to a pdf document, package it with a nice ebook cover and you are good to go. A nice looking ebook cover calls attention and there are many places where you can create free ebook covers.

3) Customize Landing Pages for PPC Advertising

If you are using Pay-Per-Click advertising it is important for you to customize your landing page in accordance to the keyword(s) you are targeting. To do this you should analyze your targeted keyword(s) and ask questions like:

  • Why will people type-in this keyword using a search engine?
  • What are they looking for specifically?
  • Is the keyword informational or does it possess commercial value?

Thereafter you should customize your landing page and satisfy the user’s needs adequately. It will be advisable to split-test different landing pages to evaluate which type of page converts better.

4) Trust Sells Products

By gaining the visitors trust you are increasing the potential of making a sale. Consumers buy products they trust. By emphasizing any accolades your product or service has received you will be giving the consumer a reason to trust in your service or product. Testimonials or endorsements by leaders in your specific industry or past clients who back your product can also win-over your visitor’s trust. Although I must highlight that the testimonials you publish on your site should be unsolicited, and completely true.

A privacy policy that clearly states how secure your visitors personal information is, will also place your visitor at ease in the knowledge that his/her personal information will remain private and never be shared.

By consistently analyzing your website statistics and marketing data, and structuring your offer to meet the needs of your client, you will see a rise in affiliate sales. Take cognizance of these tips, apply them to your campaigns, follow a culture of continuous learning and you could be earning a decent income as well.


Alex Papa is an investment entrepreneur with a large professional portfolio of offline and online businesses. He speaks frequently at business events around the globe. Among his numerous websites he owns a discount coupons blog where you’ll get the GotoMeeting promo code. In his business blog, you can also find the latest Norton Antivirus coupon code.

18 thoughts on “4 Vital Tips to Help Increase Your Affiliate Sales

  • Most of the time, good conversion depends on good landing page. I think it is the most important factor now.

    • Very true Pankaj, I spent almost the entire yesterday changing the image of the landing page. I think what is of great importance is mainly what is above the fold. That needs to attract the customer and get them to press the links or buttons you want.

  • It is really the best tips which i am looking for to promote my affiliate marketing. I dont have a lot of experience on sale affiliate production. All this tips is awesome. Thanks Alex

    • I am glad you found this useful Ryan. There is a lot of great information for beginners in this blog. Alex

  • Hi alex

    Cos you walk the walk, I was pleased to see you guest posting here with your advice especially to this fairly newbie blogger 🙂

    Just started selling sourced products online & offline. Will be adding affiliate products eventually so this information is very helpful to my ongoing plan for my small niche blog. Thanks for such an informative post Alex. Much appreciated.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Hi Patricia, I see you own a lavender store! That is interesting. Do you also own a physical store? Are you an affiliate to a main company! Well done for what you have created so far and I wish you every success in the future. Alex Papa

  • Hello there Alex! I’m Clinton, a blogger, a SEO and a young entrepreneur. Anyway, your tips are really essential. I never thought that you could summed it up into 4 most important factors and ways to increase affiliate marketing sales. Thanks for sharing this effective strategies! I would like to give emphasis to the last tip, the privacy policy. In marketing, it is not only about sales and the growth of business’ income but it is also important to give assurance to every customers/visitors that are trusting to you. Integrity is the best key to build trust from others (clients and customers). 🙂

  • Gaining trust is probably the hardest thing you can do. Once you manage that then the probability of a sale increases.

    Landing pages are also very important when promoting an affiliate, which is why it’s always a good idea to check the landing pages of where you’re sending people to. A lot of the time a good affiliate will have more than one landing page so choose the pick of the bunch.

    • Yes, having several landing pages is a good idea. In this way you also split test and you can pick the best (higher converting) page to drive more traffic to at the end. Good points Sire!

  • Trust is key….and also having a optin so you can do future marketing can really help your success as well. Always have a backup plan….

    • That’s ever so true. I have recently appreciated even more the importance of building a list with an opt-in page. SEO is a good way to drive qualified traffic to your site, but there are factors that you can’t control and search engines may drop your site down in search results. At that time sending emails to your list of faithful customers may help you keep revenue up, even though your SEO revenue may be down. I know, because I’ve seen it happening…

  • Thanks Mr. Alex for this post. i recommend every one to check out this for better earning

  • Great tips but I think you forgot split testing. You can test how well you convert with different landing pages, and then keep the one which converts better, of course like Barbara said first you have to have trust then sales! Great post Alex!

  • I am looking to get into affiliate marketing early next year and I hope that articles like this one help me earn loads. 😛

  • Hi Alex,
    Great sum up for improving affiliate sales conversion. I very much enjoy reading your articles. I myself have to follow your tips to improve my conversions.

  • Yes, I think targetted keywords is the important factor to attract the visitors to your site. If a webpage is not relevent to the keyword that is searched by visitors, It is of no use.

  • Hello Alex,

    Being an affiliate marketer myself, I find all your advice right on the money. I still find so many people who don’t test, track or evaluate anything and then wonder why they never make a sale.

    As some other readers already stated, I feel building trust with your readers, visitors and potential customers, should be first and foremost.

    Thanks for the excellent and informative article.

    • Hi Robert, that is absolutely true. Trust is the most important thing to create repeat sales, which produce residual income for you as a merchant.

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