SpeedLink Weekly V6/2011 – SEO, Social Media, Google Webmaster And More

Hello everyone! Welcome to another entry of Speedlink Weekly. This week was as usual packed with many noteworthy articles and it is also the first time that I will be featuring some videos. If you have been accompanying the latest news about what’s going on in the SEO world, you might have noticed that the buzz topic of the week is all about Google’s changes in their algorithms. Google’s never ending quest for finding more high-quality sites in search has already impacted over 11% of their search queries and counting.

Another interesting stuff I stumbled upon this week is the “addictive” Social Media Exchange called Empire Avenue. Empire is a place where you can buy and sell shares in your friends and family, and meet new people in your town or who like the same things as you! I really like it as it is fun and you can connect with people by buying or selling them and also become a “virtual” millionaire, lol. You should really check it out. Excellent to take a break and relax a bit. We all need it, right?

Anyway, and in no particular order.

Online Business/Blogging

  • 10 Bloggers Share Their 2010 Accomplishments
  • The best online tricks, shortcuts and tools of all-time? (11 from me to start…)
  • Is Blogging Broken? Is The Future of Blogging Paid Access?
  • 7 Proven Ways To Get Free Traffic

SEO/Search Engines

Social Media

Making Money Online/Marketing


Using Webmaster Tools like an SEO (recommended)


That’s it. Have a great week ahead and enjoy! Don’t forget to check out Empire Avenue (eDITESCO) and buy me 😉


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4 thoughts on “SpeedLink Weekly V6/2011 – SEO, Social Media, Google Webmaster And More

  • Wow, lots of articles I seem to have missed; not an easy feat. 😉

  • Like that Best Online Tricks post as well as the Worpress 3.1 Release post.. good finds indeed 😉

    L.o.L on the Shameless Promotion 😆

  • Awesome links, going to read them all now! Thanks for sharing them 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing these value packed articles and for the kind mention of my post 🙂

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