Money Blog FlippingOn part 1 of making money online blog flipping, we learned the concept of blog/website flipping, it’s advantages, searching for a blog to buy (or creating it) and completing the acquisition. Part 2, will focus on what you need to improve your blog and ultimately, flipping it (or selling it).

Improve the blog’s value by feeding it with the necessary vitamins and putting it up for sale.

You’ve acquired a new blog, now what? On certain occasions you might just be able to flip it immediately, although in most cases, you will probably need to give it some improvements.

By this time, you should have your improvement strategy already in place. It is reasonable to assume that if you already acquired a blog, then you know what you will do with it or at the least have a plan. In essence, what you want to do is to increase the site’s revenue or traffic, and/or rebuild the site in some other way to make it more appealing. Perhaps you can rewrite some of the existing post and improve its link structure. You can also take advantage of existing traffic, for example, with a clever redesign that makes more efficient use of ad space.

Regardless of what you do, the basic idea is to increase it’s value. Value can be determined in a lot of ways, however, it should be noted that, there are basic principles that must be in place in order to successfully flip your newly acquired blog. Think of it as if you were starting your own blog. You need to post quality content, redesign the blog by being aware of things to avoid (if necessary), promote it, build links, apply SEO techniques, etc…

Putting Your Website Up For Sale

Where? Sometimes, it’s almost no effort at all to sell a blog. You can start by simply putting a For Sale sign right in front of your page (somewhere prominent) or in the same place where you acquired it before (unless it was a direct purchase). There are also a handful of online places you can try and sell your blog. One of the better options in my mind is to try websites like area where you can list your blog for sale and get some exposure. The best thing about this is you can go in and search the archives to see what other sites have sold for in the past. By comparing the details of previous sales you can get a feel for what your site might sell for. You can also try hunting around in other sites, such as, Craig’s List, v7n, Loot, Aardvark, SiteOwners, eBay, and WebmasterTalk. Ultimately, you can always email me and offer your blog for sale:)

Just remember, don’t overdo your listing, be patient and most of all, be polite. Respond to inquiries quickly, be reasonable and wise when negotiating, and politely say you are not interested if someone insults you with a rock bottom proposal.

What Do I Need? Among the documents that you should be prepared to share with a potential buyer, you will want to include screen shots of the blog’s statistics (Alexa, PR, etc), and proof of revenue (which might include screen shots of the Adsense, Text Link Ads, PayPal, and others). These are information you will need to have a good selling point. You’ll also want to show that you own the domain outright and that it’s qualified for transfer. You’ll need to disclose any liabilities that will be transferred with the blog (if any).

Generally, I recommend for you to be as detailed as possible when you list your blog. However, there are certainly instances when it may not be prudent to disclose all information in public. For example, if you’re concerned that certain details may make it too easy for other parties to copy the success of your site, those details are best left in private and only disclosed to the most serious of buyers.

Closing the Sale: Don’t Forget The Little Details. When you finally agree on a price don’t forget to look after the little technical details as you manage the transfer of ownership. Here is a list of some important factors:

  • Transfer of the domain name registration details, the business name, incorporation information, hosting ownership and any third party software or subscriptions to your name. Check that everything, absolutely everything, has been transferred to the new owners name.
  • Outline how much support, if any, will you provide to the new owner for a transition period. Being available for questions for a few months after the sale can make the transfer less stressful and will give the new owner much more confidence when closing the deal.

There you go. I hope that making money online blog flipping has given you another perspective for generating additional income. If you decide to go for it, let me know how it goes. Good luck!

Here is website flipping part 1, in case you missed it.


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