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The internet has been growing like crazy the last couple of years primarily due to, among other things, the ease of setting up websites and/or blogs. Setting up websites or blogs has been a preferred choice by many businesses (large or small) to promote products and services, and many people have also discovered that if done well, setting up websites and/or blogs can be profitable.

In the course of having to set up a website or blog, one of the first things one should be doing is to choose, preferably, a keyword rich domain name or a custom domain name. This has been proven to be a key factor, to build a long term online presence, establishing a brand and for SEO. Finding that ideal domain name however, can be tedious, daunting and to a certain extent, very frustrating. So how do we go about doing a domain search that will make our lives easier?

Enter PC Names – An Instant Domain Search Engine

The word “instant” is highly unusual to be seen for a domain name search engine.  We are mostly familiar seeing this term on search engines or social networks. PC Names however, is a service that does just that, checks for domain names instantly. Based on your query, the interface will instantly check whether the .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .mobi and .name, TLDs are available. The results appear only within a couple of seconds delay, much for your convenience, and are clearly marked available (in green) or ooppss, unavailable (red) and for sale (in blue). If the name you are looking for is available, hovering on one of the extensions, you are immediately given the opportunity to buy that domain name via the registrars they use which is Godaddy, Yahoo and Network Solutions. Obviously you can also register for that name on your preferred registrar.

domain name search engine

So, What Else?

Apart from having a very clean user interface, and an ulterior purpose, which is to help you search for available domain names, PC names provides the user with many other features that can be useful, or at the very least informative. Let’s take a look.

FAQS: Do you know what a cyber squatter is? What is IANA? Do you know how to buy an expired domain? Well, the section about FAQs is nothing else but a comprehensive list of questions and answers which will get you started to everything related to domains. If you ever wanted to know something about the subject, this is a very good start.

TIPS: A section where you can find in a very simple and short “instant” tips useful information related to a variety of subjects in the domain arena. Really very helpful.

Reviews: Review of over 20 registrar companies to help you pick the right one.

registrar reviews

And a little more…

domain tools

Bulk Domain Search: Bulk domain search is an interesting feature that enables you to do bulk domain search or bulk domain lookup by pasting an unlimited number of domains to be checked for availability. A time saver.

Domain Name Generator: Need some ideas? Can’t quite find the right name you are looking for? Domain name generator helps you generate domain names using lists of words.

By now you might be asking if there is a catch? None really, this service is totally free and all of the above are accessible via the free version. There is a PRO version that enhances even more its functionality, but that’s up for you to decide. The next time you do a domain search, give this a shot and hopefully you’ll find that perfect name you are looking for.


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14 thoughts on “Instant Domain Name Search Engine

  • Hi DiTesco,

    I have to admit, I have never heard of PCNames, but it seems like a very useful service. I especially like that they have a FAQ and Tips area as even with something simple as this, this step can be a daunting tasks for many doing this process for the first time.

    Thanks for sharing it. I will be sure to look into it. 😉

    All the best!

    • Hi Michele. PCnames has some interesting features indeed and I agree with you, what I like best are the FAQs and Tips area as they are relatively concise and very easy to understand. For someone starting in domain investing, I think it has useful info. Thanks for dropping by. Always good to see you here 😉

  • Hi DiTesco,
    I, like Michele, never heard of pcnames and I usually register all my domains with
    But about their instant search, it would be cool if they had something like google instant, that is to give you some suggestions too. Wouldn’t that be cool? You type in blo and then they would give you suggestions of free domains which start with blo. That would make searching for niche domains easier 🙂

    • Hi Alex. That is really a good suggestion. Hopefully the developers of PCnames read this in more depth and try to implement this feature in future releases. Have you tried the domain generator yet (under tools on their homepage near the footer)? It does what you are looking for although not as complete as I think it should be. Give it a try. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Its a nice service which produces results quickly but I would use it more frequently if it can also display similar domain names and suggest names that are currently available to register.

    • Hi Andreas. Although not as what I expected it to be, the domain generator feature (under tools near footer on their HP) will do this for you. Give it a try and let me know if this is what you were looking for.

  • Thanks for the info. I think I have a nice name to my domain. But yes, I will try making use of pcnames to get any desired domain name if I have to.. in near future. I will surely recommend this service to my friends.

    • Hi Bro. How are doing. This tool is quite interesting indeed and can be a great help when looking for available domains. Would appreciate your efforts in recommending to your friends. Thanks for stopping by

  • thanks for the information)) this is very useful) I think I’ll try to find a better domain name now that I know there to look for

    • You are welcome Clair. Happy domain “hunting”

  • I have always used pcnames when searching for domains to register! Nothing else compares 😉

  • Hi Bro. How are doing. This tool is quite interesting indeed and can be a great help when looking for available domains.

  • Hi DiTesco

    Nice info! There are more of these services, but this is one of the most usefull. I like to add that what you do with the domain is also very important. Mahalo beboo etc don’t dirive their value from their domain.

  • Hi DiTesco,

    Until now I was still using godaddy to check the availability of the domains I was interested to register. However this tool could make domain searching much easier and faster.

    Thanks fro sharing.

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