The Benefits Of Brand Promotional Products

Every product has a life cycle which normally refers to a series of stages that goes through its introduction into the market to its maturity and ultimate decline (or not). This cycle has a direct relationship with the changes in the market situation.

The first stage of a product’s life cycle, among other things involves branding and establishment of quality levels. During this stage, intellectual property protection such as trade mark and patents are defined. Branding is very important because it helps distinguish your product from others. Product brand marketing is the process of developing the desired image and identity of your product to the market place. A strong brand is your most valuable asset in the eyes of your customers. Creating and developing a well distinguished brand will help you in getting to your clients in a way that conforms to their language, beliefs, needs and expectations, etc.

Promotional gift items have gained popularity as a critical part of brand marketing. The products help publicize your brand just in the same way as conventional methods of advertising. Promotional products are usually custom imprinted with your logo as well as a short message about the business, popularly known as a slogan. Examples of promotional products include key rings, umbrellas, pens, leather compendiums, wooden rulers and many more.

There are a few points you need to consider when selecting a promotional item. These include; the price of the product, size of imprint area, level of utility, function of the product as well as production time required.

Take as an example promotional key rings, one of the most popular products usually designed as a gift item. The choice of a key ring as a promotional product is both intelligent and strategic. This is because everyone regardless of age, gender or occupation does use keys literally daily. A well designed key ring makes the user proudly expose it in places where it is most visible thereby capturing attention and consequently passing your message along. Key rings come in various pricing from the relatively inexpensive rubber, acrylic and plastic models to the expensive sterling silver.

Promotional umbrellas on the other hand draw attention of people when used in crowded places. Their size and design allow them to display the message thereby effectively promoting the brand. Umbrellas come in a wide array of colors and technology. The canopy of the umbrella is the most important part since it is where the brand name and logo are displayed.

Benefits of brand promotional products.

There are four main benefits that your brand is likely to accrue from brand promotional products. These are:

i. Increased brand recognition (awareness).
A promotional product constantly reminds its user/ holder of your brand and message. This puts your business at the forefront every time they need to use a product that you can offer.

ii. A form of business card.
Promotional products bearing your contact information easily allows your prospective customers who are accessible to your promotional products to retrieve this information and contact you.

iii. Mass outreach at low cost (best value for your investment)
Most promotional products are designed for outdoor uses. Umbrellas for example are capable of reaching large numbers of people at a relatively low cost. The durability of these products also enables your message to be accessible for quite along period of time.

iv. Relationship and trust
Free gifts, merchandise and recognition given away adds value to people’s lives. This leads to an establishment of trust and relationship between your business and the customers. This is the core reason why people will be looking forward to doing business with you in the long run.

Putting a lot of thought into a promotional product and the value you add to the recipients increase the credibility and respect that you will attract to your brand and business as a whole.

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  • Now that so many companies, organizations, etc. are using promotional items to spread their “brand,” I think these tactics are becoming much less effective.

    I think “brands” will have to find new ways to promote themselves instead of just stamping their logo on unrelated or irrelevant tchochkes.

    • Hi Allan. Everyone is entitled to their POV and I am of the opinion that in a way there is in fact a need for companies to find other ways to promote themselves just as they are doing right now. However, not everything is “online” and the “traditional” methods have been proven effective. Take Formula One, if all those sponsors just removed the “stamped logo” in all those cars, what would be left of the championship? Maybe it is true that “keychains” or “umbrellas” are not as effective as they were, but I certainly thing that “Tiger Woods” under an umbrella with a logo of “Callaway” while playing the US open, that is transmitted live via TV, will still have its impact. Don’t you think? It really depends on what you are promoting and these forms of promotional methods still work and would probably remain for quite a while. Thanks for leaving your opinion and I hope to see more from you here in the future.

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