Introducing Multi-Blog Advertising Campaign

Online advertising as we all know it is probably one of the easiest ways to promote our brand, product, services, affiliate links, you name it. Any business or online entrepreneur that is looking to achieve any of these objectives should consider having an advertising campaign. It’s a good form to generate traffic, it helps increase your brands visibility and ultimately, it helps to convert to sales.

Many forms of advertising are available online nowadays. You have PPC, text links, reviews, banners, sponsored just about anything (including tweets), and more. One of the most effective and proven ways of advertising is through banner advertising. The key factors towards maximizing your advertising campaign and return for your investment, will depend on most importantly where you decide to advertise. They can be cheap, expensive or affordable, but most of all they should be prominently displayed on websites which have been proven reliable and generates a good amount of targeted traffic. One point to always consider is not to fall into the trap of false economy as the so called “cheap advertising” may cost you more and hurt your brand, in the long run.

What is Mutli-Blog Advertising (MBA)?

Simply put, MBA is a 125X125 banner advertising program where you invest a small portion of your advertising budget and with one single payment, you get to display your banner in not one, two, but five high traffic websites simultaneously. This program was a result of many discussions, by a group of people who are strong believers that working together provides better results. As Hesham of FamousBlogger points it out very well, “blogging is not a single player’s game” and a combined effort of people willing to make a difference, provides unity and create blogging alliances that makes sense!”

This post’s purpose is twofold.

For you, the publisher, blogger, online business entrepreneur or whichever you prefer. Many times over you will see people preaching about building relationships, networking, etc. But the question has always been the same. Do you actually put that in practice? Here is practical proof that if you really want something, you can make it happen. Take this as an idea for your online business endeavors and hopefully you too can benefit from it.

For you, the advertiser, marketing manager, and/or publisher (why not). Certainly, as an advertiser you already know that one of the major objectives in advertising is to promote your products, services and increase or spread your brands visibility. MBA is here to help you achieve that goal. The group is composed of highly targeted websites which are mostly within the blogging, social networking, SEO, link building, online business, and related niches. MBA partners are as follows:

mba_ad_group_websitesAs you can see, most of these websites are probably familiar to you already, thus making it easier for you to feel the benefits of choosing MBA as your online business partner. As an advertiser, you will enjoy the benefits of our group’s commitment to further increase our readership base by providing information, resources and services that will help people of all levels achieve their online objectives. Here is what you can be a part of.

  • Present in all major social networks.
  • Over 50K Twitter followers.
  • Over 150K Unique Visitors per month.
  • Alexa Rank of 60K and below.
  • Overall Bing Domain Score of 5/5.
  • Over 20K Total Number Of RSS Subscribers.
  • Over 1.5 million Domain Back Links.

What About The Prices?
The MBA group has given this a lot of thought and we have structured our prices in such a way to make it accessible for anyone who wishes to invest in our advertising package. In addition, since we have just launched this program, you can benefit from a promotional discount, which obviously won’t stay there forever. To make this short, I invite you to visit MBA’s Multi-Blog Advertising readable, non-exhaustive web page for more information. Do the math, and you will see that our pricing is extremely affordable while providing an excellent return on your investment (ROI).

If you have reached this point, I thank you for taking the time to read what I (we) had to say. While this is an invitation for anyone who wishes to work with us together, this also serves as a reminder and a recommendation to all, that working as a team and building the right community is, among other things, the future of doing business online. I also would like to take this opportunity to thank my partners for making this program possible.


DiTesco is a Business and Inbound Marketing Consultant, and founder of iBlogzone's main objective is to help startups and small business owners achieve success in their online ventures. | More About Me and my Digital Marketing Services in SP Brazil.

18 thoughts on “Introducing Multi-Blog Advertising Campaign

  • I am *highly* inclined to purchase a slot for BPE. Your rates are pretty good.

    This would be for the August 17 0.8.0 launch, which I’ll be promoting on the main WiaW blog instead of mostly in email newsletters.

    • Hi Dave. The MBA team will be honored to help you promote your upcoming launch whenever you wish 🙂 Just click that magic button up there or shoot me an email and we can discuss other options. Thanks for dropping by and I wish you all success with BPE.

    • That would be great Dave! We have sold 2 spots already! and everything is just going great!

      We are trying to enhance this system, more awesome stuff are coming!

      • I’m ready to pay, but I need to get a good badge first. My current badges aren’t good enough.

        • Well.. that’s not going to stop us 😉 plz expect an email from me in a few!

          • Yes, thanks, I got it!

            I’ll have some very cool material coming back your way shortly.

  • RT @ditesco: Introducing Multi-Blog Advertising Campaign #marketing #SEO #SocialMedia

  • RT @ditesco: Introducing Multi-Blog Advertising Campaign #marketing #SEO #SocialMedia

  • RT @ditesco: New Post: Introducing Multi-Blog Advertising Campaign – Online advertising as we all know it is probably one of the …

    • @TycoonBlogger Thanks for the RT. Have a nice day.

  • I heard about this marketing idea from Hesham. This is going help out all parties involved. I was thinking about building a program like this a while back, but yours is better than what I came up with… Good luck on this! I hope it works out.

    • Hi James. This marketing idea was not totally mine for the credit. The simple truth is that I just took some “bits and pieces” around the sphere and adapted it to a much interesting scheme. This type of program, just like any other, works well provided the most important component is present. What’s that? The team spirit. The willingness and support of each member makes it work. This is by far the “secret formula” that many forget and yet the most powerful one. If all are committed and united as one, then you are almost sure that you have a winner. As for its success, only time will tell. But as I said before, just for the sheer fact that five people are in it together, is to me already a success in itself.

      BTW, are you already in the FB Club?

  • Amazing idea and it must work well. I wish I could have enough money to get one banner on this MBA

    • Hi Tinh. Thanks for dropping by. I’m sure that in no time you will be able to reserve your own spot for MBA. Just keep it up.

  • Hey this is a wonderful network you guys have started here, I think this is great for medium sized internet companies to promote their brands with just a few bucks to invest, anyhow I’ll really love to know on how this turns out to be. I would love to get my blog in such a network, but don’t think its ready for being accepted yet.

    • Hi Vishal. the requirements are really not that complicated. Just interact, build relationships, get yourself to write some quality articles and in no time I am sure that you can be ready for being in a network like this. Just don’t give up and keep on going

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