What Really Kept My Blog Alive?

Before I begin 2010 with all those “killer” posts:), I would like to say that this mini hiatus has given me plenty of time to set up my goals and objectives for this year. I have in the process engaged in several new projects and those are mostly “offline”. While on “vacation”, instead of just relaxing and taking full advantage of my vacation time, I found myself in the middle of business meetings and other ventures. I also had enough time to reflect on what I want to do with my blog and where I wanted to take it. Well it did not take me too much time to decide and it was actually quite easy…. it will be to move forward.

During this period of online inactivity, there was one important lesson that I have learned and that is to keep your blog alive. Fresh content, leaving comments, promoting your website, visiting blogs, and being active on social networks are all important factors to avoid the risk of killing your blog and your identity. The problem is that it is not easy to coupe up with all this specially when you are on a leave. So, you might be thinking, what can you do to maintain your online presence? The answer is also simple and that is, do all of what I just said when you are not on leave, lol. There is however, one and only one important reason why my blog is still here.

What Really Kept My Blog Alive?
There could have been many reasons for this, but to be honest, the only thing that kept my blog alive is because during this period of virtual silence, I was fortunate enough to have friends and loyal readers that kept visiting my blog, kept commenting, and Retweeting several of my older posts that maintained the flow of traffic through my website. To all of you, thank you. I can not express this hard enough. If you ever find yourself in this type of situation, know that there are real people who care and this is the most precious “factor” one needs to keep it going. This is the most important lesson I learned while I was away.

This may not be much to you, but for me it is and I can assure you that the following are THOSE that you can really rely and count on (in no particular order). Befriend all of them and/or follow them on Twitter, you will not regret it. These guys ROCK!

@HollyJahangiri of Its All A Matter Of Perspective
@Jan_Geronimo of Writing To Exhale
@Elmot of Pinoy Sounding Board
@LadyProgrammer of LadyProgrammer
@JayPee of JayPee Online
@freemanlegacy of Freeman Lagacy
@Hishaman of FamousBloggers
@Happymaker of Happymaking
@conniefoggles of BrainFoggles
@JenaIsle of Jena Isle’s Random Thoughts
@AussieSire of WassupBlog
@dragonblogger of Dragon Blogger
@websiteweekend of WebSite In A Weekend
@extremejohn of ExtremeJohn
@TechPatio of TechPatio
@wchingya of Social @ Blogging Tracker
@whatawebsite of What a website
@aks2008 of Future Perfect
@RobertBarry of Successful Affiliate Marketing
@another_blogger of Another Blogger
@Zorlone of Zorlone – Filipino Poet and Writer
@TycoonBlogger of TycoonBlogger
@LawMacs of Lawmacs Blogging The Future
@RyJr of Reyjr.com | Born on a Syzyg
@houseofpuroy of The Struggling Blogger
@michaelaulia of Craving Tech
@fmsseo of FMS SEO
Dennis Edell of Direct Sales Web Marketing
@janniefunster of Jannie Funster
@Kikolani of Kikolani.com
@minnie_madz of My Unrevealed Thoughts
@ileane of Ms Ileane Speaks

I am sure that I have missed someone on my list and this is not intentional. Please remind me of my ungratefullness (should this be the case) so I can quickly remedy this situation:) Once again, thank you everyone and here’s to a great 2010. I’m almost back for good:)


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