Problems With The Make Money Online Niche

This is a guest post from Kai Lo, a SEO enthusiast that has a strong passion to help others succeed. He likes to help people just for the sake of helping people. He also gives honest and realistic advices on how to make money online (MMO).

Over to you, Kai Lo.

Everyone in the blog community knows that the Make Money Online niche is overly saturated. Your best friend is writing about it. Your best friend’s son is writing about it. If you are a fairly new blogger of a Make Money Online blog, or would like to start one, this article talks about the problems with bloggers in the MMO niche and ways to make things better.

Trying Too Hard – Yes, people tend to forget how to keep things simple when they are trying too hard to make money online. Trying too hard is when people try to write a mediocre post, and then try to sneak an affiliate link down below to pray that some suckers would click on it. They make bogus claims of how much money they made with the program “that works”, and tell you to click a link. Hundreds of MMO bloggers match what I just described. Show people why you are different from the rest of the competition. Let people know the step by step guide without trying to make a quick sale off them. If you made $200 yesterday online, honestly tell people how you made $200. A lot of people preach that “content is king”, but often times they forget to practice what they preach. Stop writing too much junk in large quantities, and start writing less but more quality.

Be Better Than The Majority Of MMO Bloggers – The truth is that most Make Money Online blogs talk about their journey to make money starting from zero dollars. Also, most of these people quit within the first year or two because they make chump change, or they jump into a small niche like “How To Dance Like An Elephant” – Small niche indeed. Keep in mind that if you do the same thing over and over again, you will get the same results over and over again even if you have been blogging about MMO for over 10 years. The niche is extremely competitive, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to quit. You need to rethink your strategies to handle this niche. Always ask for feedbacks from people who has been there and done that. Do not think that you know everything. Do not be embarrassed to ask for suggestions.

All Successful MMO Bloggers Have Something Similar – You need to take the time to visit blogs of people who are successful. You can get ideas of how these people became the top dogs by reading their blogs. Start from their very first post. I’m serious because these people did not magically become huge in the MMO niche. There is no luck to blogging other than dedicating your time to learn, adapt to change, accepting mistakes, and learning from mistakes, etc. You see, a lot of people take actions, but they fail to change their game plan when things do not work so they end up doing the same thing over and over. The only people who fail are people who give up because they don’t change their strategy to succeed. People who are successful in the MMO niche did not do it alone. “I want to give special thanks to…” and “I couldn’t’t have done it without…” are some of the things they all say.

Passion To Help Others Make Money Online – You can read through hundreds of MMO blogs, and you can tell that most of those people do not really have a passion about what they are writing. They forget that the whole point of the blog in the beginning was to help others succeed. They get so sucked into the fact that they want to make money. Stop trying to “make money” and start building up relationships with readers.

The reason why I wrote this post for the MMO audience is because the majority of bloggers write about MMO. Most fall into the trap of giving up too early, not networking with the right people, and just wanted to make a few quick bucks. If you think you can make fast money with a generic niche as MMO in less than a year or two, you might want to reconsider whether or not the Make Money Online niche is right for you.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to guest post for you Francisco!


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  • Excellent guest post Kai Lo and thank you Francisco for posting it. I too was once one of those “make money” focused guys and laid awake nights trying to figure out how to make more money online. It was actually running into Francisco online that helped me break out of that “content is king” mold and focus more on building relationships and making my blogs the best they could be for my readers. This is terrific advice for any new blogger but of serious import for the aspiring MMO blogger!

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