Blogging For Money – The Reverse Order Part 4

Ying Yang MoneyHow To Write Your Article?

Good question. And, while there are several recommendations on how to write your articles, there is one thing that I consider to be of utmost importance, and that is the YIN YANG of blogging. One of Yin Yang’s nature as defined, can be something like this:

Something created together in a single movement, and are bound together as parts of a mutual whole.

Or basically, balance.

Answer this question. When you are writing your next article, do you write for your readers (Humans) or for search engines (robots)? Blogging for Money requires that we do both, although we must write, first and foremost for our readers, and then for search engines. Another way of looking at this is to write unique, good quality content, add value and simultaneously optimized for SEO. So, bear with me and let’s break this down into a more comprehensible solution.

For Your Readers
1. Unique: Just like our DNA, I believe that every writer or blogger (if you prefer) also has it’s own DNA or Style, of writing. When writing – be yourself, use your own words, share your views, provide your opinion, give your readers emotion and most importantly try to connect with them (e.g. ignite a discussion). In my view, this is what makes an article unique, and nothing else, period.

2. Quality: Focus on what you are writing, and try to stay on your topic. Think before you act. Make an accurate research of what you will be writing about, compile the results, analyze them, and draw your conclusions. After that, apply number 1 above, and you are good to go. If deemed necessary, do not be afraid to provide your sources of information.

In addition, avoid distractions on your post (such as ads) directing your readers attention on what you want to say. Adding images that are relevant to your post, are definitely recommended. Articles, such as Paid Reviews, are easily detected by your loyal readers and you want to keep that within a 3:1 ratio (at least). I am not saying here that we should not post paid reviews, but rather, avoid posting successively, one after the other. After all, we are blogging for money:) Blogging for money: Part 2 of the Reverse Order, will remind you of other useful information.

3. Add Value: Simple math. Add 1 and 2 of the above together and it is almost certain that you will give value to your readers. I wish to recall your attention to an excerpt of Part 1 that reads:

Your visitors want to read a blog that gives them value and enhances their lives. Your principal motivation when producing content is to focus on these two aspects for your readers. After reading your blog they should feel good and thus, is the first step towards captivating an audience, building traffic and finally making money.

Ok, so much for the Yin. Now for the Yang.

For Search Engines
The second most important part of writing, is optimizing our content for search engines, for the sole purpose of driving traffic to our blog. There is no point of having good quality content if no one will read it. Right? Enter the Yang.

SEO optimization is another single most important aspect to consider, when writing our articles. Techniques, such as, writing catchy titles, using proper keyword density, etc., are just but a few of various ways you need to know to do your SEO. Where else can you get such a precious source of information but from Mr. G. himself. The Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide made public recently, is a must read and whenever possible applied to, if you are seriously considering to achieve balance.

This in essence, is what I believe we need to write a good article. I am sure you also have different views and opinion, and for that purpose, I would like you to share it here, with us.

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