Adsense For The Late Arrivals

google adsense beginner

At a certain point in life, all have been a freshmen, beginner, newcomer, or whatever term you want to use, for that matter. I for one, consider myself, an advanced beginner, and I feel no shame in admitting it.

Having that said, I am going to refresh the basics of AdSense and hope that within the process, debutants can learn from the many errors I have already made. This post will be first of a series of articles that I will be posting on adsense for the debutants.

Adsense, has been around for quite a while and I believe that it is still one of the easiest, safest and fastest way of making money online (provided you abide by the terms of services – TOS of the program). So, first things first.

What you need, before applying to adsense.

Website: To display AdSense ads, you will need access to the site you submit for the program, in order to place the code (javascript) they provide. Adding the code to your site, will enable google to show ads on your pages.

I Don’t Have A Website. Does that mean I can not participate in the program?

If you don’t have a website, the answer to this question is no. However, google has provided some options to help you easily create and manage your own website. The quickest and easiest way to have your own site is to use Blogger, a free tool for creating and publishing your own blog online. Once you set up an account with blogger, you can start blogging almost immediately and set up your AdSense ads within the same account.

Valid Address: You need to make sure that you provide google with a valid address and ensure that all pertinent information in the form enables the mail services to find your residence. This is particularly important because of the payment process google has to confirm, before you can get paid.

Valid Payee Name: Payments are made out to the name on your account, so make sure to
include your full and valid name, or that of your business, rather than
just initials. If the bank won´t accept the information you enter in the “Payee Name” field, google neither will.

If you opt to receive payments by bank transfer (recommended for non-US residents) Google, confirms your account by doing: first – they make a very small transfer in your account and you have to confirm receipt of the transfer by introducing a reference number of the transaction. second – they will send you by mail a code (PIN) that you will use to activate your bank account information. Now you can see why a valid address is so important.

Next up: Basic Website requirements


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