Search Engine Optimization Techniques – The Future

If you have watched Matt Cutt’s video, Changes At Google, you probably have heard that he disagreed slightly with Bruce Clay’s (President of Bruce Clay, Inc.) statement that page rank is dead. Bruce Clay’s presentation at Pubcon, entitled Top-Shelf Organic SEO, discusses the future of SEO as search engines evolves into a more personalized search methods. An interview of Bruce Clay, conducted by Michael McDonald of webpronews, gives us a perspective of what future SEO is heading. In this interview, the main points discussed are:

  • Behavior Based Search – Getting different results based on prior search history
  • Intent-based Search – Google differentiating searches in accordance with your IP
  • Universal Search – Videos and images playing a more significant role on search results. Google spiders on their way to being smarter. Links will be less important.
  • Page Rank is Dead – Importance of traffic, action, conversions, etc.
  • The Impact on SPAM – Google algorithm variables will improve search quality and fight spammers more effectively. 

So prepare yourselves for all these possible changes. Google’s journey on providing more and more quality results, will change SEO, as we presently know it. For the interview:

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What do you think? Will Search Engine Optimization Techniques be different in the near future? What do you think will change?

Search Engine Optimization – The Future
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