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Advertising Content vs Social Media Content

Now let’s get one thing straight, advertising and social media content are certainly not mutually exclusive. In fact, in today’s marketing landscape these two types of content both perform incredibly important roles that can and should support each other. But it can get a little confusing, particularly when you’re more used to the traditional model of advertising that brands enjoyed for decades through print, TV and radio. So, what’s changed for advertisers?

The first thing that often distinguishes advertising content from social media content is the occurrence of a “broadcast” rather than a dialogue or conversation. Even when we see adverts on actual social media platforms, they are generally “telling” the audience something about the brand. “Here’s why we’re great” or “check out this great deal” or “look at this incredible product”. Even when these adverts are retargeted to show you that pair of shoes you looked at on your favourite retail site, the personalisation is largely one-dimensional and inauthentic.

On the other hand, social media content creators work hard to garner loyalty from their consumers. They want people to feel entertained, delighted and understood. This requires content that’s designed to connect authentically with their fickle fans, who can unfollow and move on to another social media feed in the time it takes to perform a click. Traditional broadcast advertising simply doesn’t reap the same rewards in this dynamic new marketplace, people want to feel heard. So, the only option left for brands is to connect authentically or fade away.

Advertising is all about making claims that sound nice but often are left unchallenged. There are tons of brands claiming the title of “most trusted”, “preferred supplier”, “leading in” but this is often just talk. And where advertising content certainly talks the talk, social media content has to walk the walk too. On these consumer-led channels, it’s really easy to tell when a brand’s content isn’t authentic and this will be passionately and loudly challenged by its audience.

At the end of the day, social content is more than marketing – it’s about building relationships. This is why one of the biggest types of campaigns on these platforms is approaching micro influencers who can authentically discuss your brand with their audiences. Real people talking about real products and services that they love. If you’d like to know more about integrating this kind of influencer marketing and content into your brand, consider platform in Australia. You’ll be able to find content creators and influencers in record time!


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