Things To Consider For Selecting The Right Email Service Provider [Infographic]

With more and more marketers showing immense faith in email and search marketing channels, it is mission critical to send out email campaigns from a good eMail Service Provider (ESP). With so many ESPs offering ocean full of features, it becomes challenging to zero in on a good ESP. To help marketers choose a right ESP for their needs, Monks with their zeal come up with an infographic mentioning 15+ things to consider while selecting the right ESP, enabling marketers to fly high with a roaring ROI.

1) Choosing the right Email Service Provider can be a daunting task.

With the ESP selection and finalization; there are two possibilities – Fly or Die!

2) While the right ESP provides wings to fly high with roaring ROI;

a bad choice that doesn’t match up to your expectations leads to an unfortunate and inescapable outcome.

3) Although there is some information available on the internet;

it still becomes difficult to choose the right ESP that best fits the bill.

click on the image for a larger view…

email service provider infographic


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