Review – Who Needs Online Reputation Management?

It can take years to build a successful brand, but in the digital age it can take but the blink of an eye for things to change for the worse. Anyone with an Internet connection can now damage a brand’s reputation, and countless reviews of different scenarios prove that this damage can destroy years of hard work and effort in no time at all.

To harm a brand’s reputation, all it takes is for consumers, angry or ex- employees, news reports or even competitors to post negative reviews and defamatory posts on independent consumer forums and websites (and the reviews do not even have to be genuine or balanced), and if the website is popular, negative search results can appear very high up in the rankings – often right next to the company website in question. The real problem then comes when customers notice these negative materials when they make online searches, and the informed consumers of today are much less likely to trust a company when there are highly ranked negative search results.

This is an increasing problem for companies and professionals around the world, but the problem can be addressed effectively with online reputation management services such as offers a number of different services for the control, protection and improvement of individuals, businesses and brands, using a range of different services and techniques.

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Controlling and Managing Reputation

As well as providing solutions for when things go wrong, also offers reputation monitoring and management services to help prevent things going wrong in the first place, improve general online presence and to respond instantly to any potential reputation threats. also offers a management tool which you can use yourself to monitor and manage you or your company’s reputation. Through their Reputation Command Center the task of controlling your online reputation and monitoring the internet for new threats is made much easier and more effective. The Attack Watch Tool searches for any negative mentions of relevant keywords on websites that you have no control over, and for relevant keywords that are matched with negative terms.

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The Review Moderation Tool helps to offset negative reviews by allowing satisfied customers of your business to submit comments and ratings via a review widget, which go through the Command Center so you can review them before they are published. The Social Media Management Tool is another tool which helps you manage the tricky world of social reputation and allows you to interact directly with social followers. Your reputation’s bottom line can be monitored at all times from the Command Center, so you can keep on top of every aspect of your reputation in real time.

Getting Rid of the Negative Reviews with reviews the ever changing landscape of search engine marketing almost religiously, and improves search results with the major search engines by using various Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and algorithmic techniques. Problem sites with high-ranking negative and defamatory posts can be suppressed by introducing new sites and content high up in the search results that are instead neutral or positive. Common complaint sites and government listings are resultantly pushed down the rankings out of the way. Specific information and images can also be prevented from appearing in the search listings. also offers an auto-complete changer surface to remove damaging auto-completes such as ‘scam’ and ‘ripoff’, when a user enters the brand name or a related term.

This company cannot physically remove negative online content. What they do is push negative search results down in the rankings, so users have a much smaller chance of seeing them. It is a problem that this content cannot be actually deleted, but this is simply a fact of life for any business whether they have an online presence or not.


It is never easy to tell just how much a service such as this can actually make a difference because it all depends on your individual circumstances. The professionals at do however offer a 90 day money back guarantee to deliver at least 12 positive assets on the first three ranking pages of Bing, Yahoo and Google within the first 90 days of the start of the campaign. If this doesn’t happen you can cancel the service and receive all of your money back. There are a number of reviews and testimonials on the website which present the company’s successes with companies and professionals, and explain more about what they are able to do.

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  • It’s important to be aware of your online presence. Companies need to take of their online reputations as much their offline ones.

  • One thing is true if you want to get huge benefits from your online efforts then you should have tools like that which are mentioned in this post.

  • Even if you don’t do many direct online sales, people may still discuss your brand in cyberspace. Keeping track of your reputation across different languages may seem a daunting prospect but a good reputation can boost your business substantially while unchecked negative feedback will no doubt have the opposite effect.

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