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If you have read a previous article of mine which provides ways to make money online without a blog, here is another one that might be of interest to many of you. Having been suggested by a friend of mine Hesham, of New Media Bloggers, Mahalo pages is similar to Yahoo Answers, but with a big twist. While this will not make you rich, it is a great community, and one that almost guarantees you minimum earnings of $20 per month (see plus one, below). After all, every bit counts, right?

Human Powered Search Engine?

Mahalo likes to call themselves as a human powered search engine, where all information you find are created and curated by the members of the Mahalo Community (Mahaloians). All users are rewarded with Mahalo Dollars for their contributions.

There are 3 + 1 (three plus one), main money making components to Mahalo, each being relatively unique and members can participate at their own time and leisure. While there are other ways to make the most out of Mahalo, I will be focusing on the main areas, which I believe you should become familiar with.

1. Mahalo Answers
This is the main community hub, where members use to ask and answer questions about literally anything and everything. Mahalo Answers features daily contests and active users earn Mahalo dollars by providing answers to questions. Most of the time, the questions on Mahalo Answers have tips attached (I have seen tips as high as 50M$). If you answer the question, and your answer is chosen as the “Best Answer” for that question – either by the person who asked the question or the community – Mahalo will deposit the tip into your Mahalo account.

2. Page Management
Search results on are built and managed by Mahalo community members. Mahalo compensates the manager with 50% of the advertising revenue. Building a page is really easy and what I like most about this part is that you can obtain revenue from organic traffic and not solely rely on Mahaloians visiting your page.

Mahalo related pages rank very well on search engines. As an example, I have claimed a page to manage on August 20, 2009 entitled SEO For Dummies. While I have created this page some two weeks ago, I really have started to manage it actively this week. To my surprise, Googling SEO For Dummies will return this page on the #9 spot. That is absolutely fantastic. Think about the other benefits that this could bring to you, perhaps on your blog:)

3. Mahalo Tasks
Sometimes, there are specific portions of a Mahalo page their internal staff will assign to the community for Mahalo Dollars. These will include contributing to a page’s Guide Note, adding Fast Facts, selecting the best links on the page to serve as a “Mahalo Top 7” or even building an entire page from scratch. If you complete these tasks to the satisfaction of Mahalo’s editorial team, you will get paid for it’s completion. Some say that this is the most lucrative attraction for those looking to earn Mahalo dollars.

And finally, the plus one:
Very recent new feature (maybe not even a week old), is earning M$ for posting questions to Twitter with your linked Twitter account. While this is still in beta, every time you Tweet a question on Mahalo, you earn 0,10M$. You can do this only at maximum, 10 times a day. That should round you up with 1M$ per day, totaling 30M$ if you are active, per month. Each M$ is currently worth 0,75$ (real money now), which gives approximately $22,00 per month.

Once you earn more than 40 Mahalo Dollars, you can request to be paid via PayPal. When you submit your request, they will transfer the full balance, or the portion of the balance you choose, to your PayPal account on the 15th of the following month.

There you have it. If you are interested in checking this opportunity out, head over to Mahalo, and see for yourself. What say you? Have you heard or tried Mahalo before?

UPDATE (June 2010): Important changes at Mahalo were released recently and you might want to read it first before jumping over to their site. The update – Making Money Online With Mahalo


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2 thoughts on “Mahalo: Another Way To Make Money Online

  • Thanks Francisco,
    I’m going to give Mahalo a try, I had not heard of this one before. I am still buried in Zemanta, catching up with my archived posts but traffic seems to be picking up as a result and I think they will help me to “complete the cycle” with some of my make money online channels.
    .-= Dick invites you to check this out.. 99 Designs a Real Timesaver =-.

    • I love Mahalo Dick. It is a great community and there is a lot of things you can do there given the right approach. Ask a question about a tech stuff and someone will answer you… Combined with making money, there is no reason why any one should not try it. As for Zemanta, I am really not a fan 🙂

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