Google: The Evolution of SERPs [infographic]

SEO experts used to think in order to work with Google, all they needed was to think about keyword density, but all that has changed, thanks to some fancy algorithm changes like Panda in 2011, followed by Penguin in 2013. In fact, since its inception, Google has adjusted its inner workings dramatically, evolving into a search engine art form with customization and localization.

Knowing how to work with Google is well worth the time and effort and the larger companies with big budgets are making Google rich. As a matter of fact, those companies vying for the highest spots paid nearly $38 billion in advertising fees to Google in 2011, and that number continues to rise. And Google isn’t slowing down anytime soon. It continues to produce an Internet experience that’s not only intuitive; it’s more customized than ever before. As a result, website owners, web designers and SEO experts will keep fighting to get to the top of the page by following Google’s guidelines; all while making the search engine giant more prosperous than ever.

Aside from keywords and key phrases, SERPs and click-through rates are highly important, and the numbers are there to prove it. Do you understand the importance of authorship for higher click-through rates? Authorship is Google’s way of connecting content with the individual that generated it via rel=author tags. The results are impressive: An image displays with a few articles, as well as a snippet containing a Google Plus link with the number of people in your circles. All this gives you the Google power you need to get your content noticed, viewed and shared.

And then there’s Google’s Knowledge Graph, which includes tools to jump start your search, predict your next question and even add related statistics to your search results. Understand the anatomy of the 7-Result SERP and the reasons why it’s an improvement from the 10-result page of the past. Google isn’t so complicated when you break it down into digestible pieces that are easy to understand. Once you get the hang of it, Google will be one of your best SEO tools for your marketing toolbox.


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  • Awesome infographic.Google has evolved at that level where anyone on top can lose his ranking eg MyBlogGuest
    Also I don’t like their new customization.

  • Hii DiTesco, the infographic really took me back to the time and allow me to see through how Google’s search engine pages looked earlier. Every internet marketer must check this out. I’ll share it with my fellomates. Thanks 🙂

  • Very informative.. the big ‘g’ is getting smarter and smarter everyday.. so what’s the next step for the big ‘g’ now?

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