Making It Extraordinary: Effective Tips to Improve Your Company’s Website

Between now and 2016, over half of the money that is spent on retail purchases within the United States each year will be directly influenced by the Internet, according to Forrester Research. You may already have a beautiful website that was specifically designed to attract the attention of your prospective customers and clients. However, in order to take full advantage of the exponential growth in numbers that is projected for the next few years, there are several tips that you should follow in order to make it even more effective.

Make It Easier to Navigate

Statistics have confirmed that the last thing that online consumers want is to become overly confused and frustrated with navigating through your company website. If it takes longer than 10 seconds to load, over 25 percent of consumers will abandon your website all together, according to HubSpot. Do not forget to shine the spotlight on the most important sections of your website. Instead of having an extensive list of subpages, strategically link as many pages together as possible.

Use the Homepage to Educate & Inform

Make sure that your online homepage is used to keep your customers and clients informed about the purpose of your company, including a brief overview of your products and services. Recent reports have stated that your company’s homepage should quickly let your clients and customers know exactly what your website is for and how they will be able to benefit from visiting each page within it. You can choose from numerous business website templates. Ensure that the site is user friendly and easily accessibility so that it retains and captures the interest of visitor.

Keep Your Content Fresh

The last thing that you should want is for your past customers that purchased products from your website several years ago to visit your site today and notice that nothing has changed whatsoever. Make sure that you regularly update your content and revise the layout of your site to increase its overall efficiency. Keeping your content fresh will give your prospective and existing customers a reason to visit your website periodically simply because the average consumer does not want to feel as if they are missing out on anything.

Start a Blog

One of the easiest and efficient ways to provide fresh content to your online customers and clients is to start a blog and have it integrated within your company’s website. If updating your actual website regularly will require you to spend a substantial amount of time customizing settings and working with HTML codes, then updating a blog instead would be the most feasible approach to take. To increase exposure and interaction within your blog, keep it connected to your social media profiles and brand pages as well. Doing so will allow your customers to see that you truly do care about what they have to say, which is another effective way to keep them coming back to you for more business in the future.

Do Not Fall for the Music Trap

One of the biggest turnoffs for the average consumer when they visit a professional website is to be automatically ambushed by loud music and songs that are distracting and have nothing to do with the featured content. If you are determined to include some type of sounds and music within your company’s web design, make sure that it is pleasant and something that can easily be turned off without any difficulties. Keep in mind that there are plenty of websites that your customers can visit if they want to listen to music. Unless you are selling music, then your website should not be one of them.


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    Firstly thanks for this article . This article focuses on a very important topic. As audio visual media creates more impact on human mind therefore adding a video in a website is always a good option. It will help to increase the PR of a website.

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    Very informative post. . . I agree, every online business websites must have blog section! blogs are great way to connect with customers!
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    Great and informative post…
    I have now realized that I need to be trying more of these things and make my clients’ blog column more interesting and interactive.
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