FX Market Leaders Launches Premium Signals Service for Forex Traders

FX Market Leaders, known as a leading trading community and provider of free signals, has launched its new premium Forex signals service.

Until recently the system has been undergoing BETA testing where select members of the community had access to the signals through a web interface. Throughout the BETA trial, FX Market Leaders received excellent feedback from its users, as well as requests for additional services. Users wanted to receive sound alerts and email notifications in order to make their trading easier, which will lead to the integration of new features in the premium signals service.

The community of users at FX Market Leaders is comprised of a wide range of traders, financial experts, private investors and Forex beginners. The user base is growing faster than any other online trading community; Over the course of April 2013, only a year after the community was established, more than 20,000 people visited and used the website.

The team hopes that this Forex system will be a game-changer for Forex signals trading. Anyone interested in following professional traders and live buy/sell indicators will find FX Market’s environment easy to understand.

Ben Stewart, one of FX Market Leaders leading analysts said: “the signals will provide traders, whether beginners or experienced, with all the real time information needed to spot and follow new market trends”.

Free Live Forex Signals

The premium signals service has been designed for traders looking to enhance their trading experience without having to sit by their computer all day, waiting for new alerts. A premium member can receive sound alerts for all new entries and exits, as well as an immediate email notification. There are plans to introduce an SMS service for mobile devices as well to allow even greater accessibility to signals.

FX Market Leaders construct the free signals by performing technical analysis, and using it together with fundamental analysis and market sentiment. There is a dedicated team of analysts that works around the clock in order to keep the signals up to date.

One of the elements for which FX Market Leaders stand out is the effort put into the design of the trading environment. As a result it is suitable for both advanced and novice Forex traders. The team at FX Market Leaders believes the popularity of Forex trading will continue to grow as it offers people the chance to earn money online during difficult economic times. As a result, FX Market Leaders has developed its premium Forex signals service, which is available to anyone who wants to trade Forex, commodities and stocks from the comfort of their PC or Smartphone.

“Over the past few months we have received thousands of emails asking us for premium features such as sound alerts” Stewart continues. “The message was very clear – ‘we love your free signals but it is hard for us to follow them all the time staring at your website. We want to follow and trade with them when we are at work, at home with our kids, or even if we are not in front of the computer, and we are willing to pay for these services.’ We at FX Market Leaders understood that they are actually asking for premium services to answer their wishes for an easier trading process.”

Traders will be pleased to hear that the new premium services are extremely low cost. The price ranges from $10 to $39 per month, making it one of the cheapest, highest value for money forex signal services available. Furthermore, the free service and live signals are still available on the FX Market Leaders website.

In addition to the signals service, FX Market Leaders offers numerous other trading services for beginners such as the “Market Leaders Trading Guide for Money Makers”. A service that is considered by their communities as one of the top online Forex e-courses and a fantastic start for beginners. The guide is clearly written and packed with examples, tips, case studies and practices. With just two or three days of study it is fairly easy to obtain high level trading skills and knowledge.

FX Market Leaders also run a popular trading blog, which provides in-depth reviews of their “most recommended brokers” and offers Copy-Trader rankings.

Stewart explained that FX Market Leaders aim is to “continue developing in line with our vision, to make Forex trading accessible to anyone who wishes to start earning money through trading. As such we will keep our signals free of charge so that they can be used by anyone who wishes to become a better trader.”

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  • Forex trading is still not yet clear to everybody. I wonder why such a profitable way of earning is not getting enough takers; but then I saw the reasons, it is very much of a mystery to those who don’t know anything about it. I think we need services like these to make it easier for people to grasp the concept.

  • Do they have any data to back up how profitable their signals are going to be? If they do that would be quite interesting. There are a lot signal/automated trading services and I tend to be quite skeptical in regards to them.

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