DDoS Attack, Link Network, Pinterest Improvements, Speedlink 17:2013

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great and productive week. This week, webpronews.com reported an interesting news about how a DDoS attack looks like. The video, courtesy of Ludovic Fauvet shows the massive requests that an attack causes on a site. DDoS, or distributed denial of service, is essentially when numerous amount of users floods a server with traffic, and the server not being able to handle the load crashes. We all heard about it before, but have you seen how it looks like in real time? Here we go…

BTW, the tool that Ludovic used for graphing this attack was https://code.google.com/p/logstalgia/ (in case you are interested)

On the SEO side of things, Matt Cutts responded to an interesting question that left “many” somewhat afraid of linking two (or a bit more) sites together. Essentially, the user wanted to know if two sites that he owns can be linked to each other and if so, would that constitute in a violation of Google’s guidelines. In short, Matt responds that it is OK, provided they are relevant to each other, however, warns that way too many of them, may actually look suspicious. What do you think?

Finally, and as reported by marketingland.com, Pinterest again did some minor improvements, after receiving some feedback from its users. That’s the way to go… Anyway, the most notable improvement IMO, is the @ mention. Users can now include the @symbol to connect with other Pinterest users. Pretty much like you can do now with Twitter and Facebook. See more about the improvements here.

And one more.. If you are using Posterous and still do not know, be aware that they are shutting down the service on April 30. If you have stuff you uploaded there like photos, etc.. they will be forever gone. Posterous does provide users a way to backup all their data. Go to http://posterous.com/#backup to do that before its completely gone.

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Google Plus Comments For WordPress [Plugin]

The post above by Kim of just-ask-kim.com shows you how to install Google+ comments on Thesis. This one courtesy of your truly, allows you to install the Google Plus commenting system on any WordPress theme. Just like anything else, test it out first and see if it works well for you.

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4 thoughts on “DDoS Attack, Link Network, Pinterest Improvements, Speedlink 17:2013

  • Thanks for the kind inclusion, Francisco. Lots going on this week and I’ve having a lot of fun with the G+ comments. Useful tutorial vid, too!

    • Welcome Kim. I am actually seriously considering using your tutorial as I am using Thesis and the less plugins I have the better. Waiting for you to figure out how to deal with that “space” in between the G+ comment and WP 🙂

      • I doubt we’re going to find a solution. Even the plugins commandeer that extra space.

  • Many I know links their sites together even though they are of no relavence for each other. We count as many link as 20 between each. I will link this to him asap. Thanks for sharing this so we don’t make that mistake. I wouldn’t have know of it, if you haven’t posted it here.

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