Utilize Google Plus and Grow Your Business

Google plus (Google+) is becoming known as one of most important tools for businesses of all spectrum. Although most recognize Google as a popular search engine, many do not realize how influential it can be in helping to bring revenue to a business. From Google Hangouts to communicating with clients, there’s no reason that a business should not be utilizing this quickly growing platform.

Google Plus allows employees who may be located remotely to hold meetings and interact with one another in a Google Hangout; A Google hangout lets you invite a small or large group of people into a virtual conference using a webcam and microphone on devices like a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. With this, participants can share their voice and stream videos. They’re also able to share what’s on an individual’s screen, collaborate on documents, view presentations, and watch videos. If a team member is unable to attend the “hangout,” they’re able to dial-in the person and invite them with a “+telephone” link. Calls to the United States and Canada are free, while international calling costs are very low. In addition, Google plus allows brands to interact with clients, current customers, and prospective customers in a more personal way.

Google plus is an exceptional tool for businessmen to personally network with clients. According to market research from Trendstream’s Global Web Index, Google plus has surpassed Twitter and YouTube in becoming the world’s second largest social network. On the platform, businesses have the opportunity to connect with others that have similar interests and traits, ultimately helping with new business ventures and ideas; communication leads to the exchange of ideas and opinions – the more businesses talk about a specific topic, the more likely it is for that topic to emerge in a larger scale.

Where else are you able to choose who you market? While sites like http://yellowpagesunited.org give business advice on how to target certain audiences, Google plus makes it easy to share select information with select people. Ultimately, this segmentation allows businesses to connect with the people that matter most.  On another note, because Google plus is utilized by the more tech savvy, it is an ideal place to interact with people who are open to adopt the latest methods in technology, social media, and marketing.

While using sites like Facebook and Twitter to reach out to people can be beneficial, they often take a long time to get the message across. Google plus is an exceptional way to distribute ideas and information quickly and efficiently. Sites like Facebook and Twitter allow one to “friend” or “follow” someone, but on Google plus, you find someone and put them in a “circle.” A “circle” is a more professional and sophisticated way to manage relations with people. Additionally, while Facebook and Twitter are considered to be less professional platforms, Google plus connects users with people from a similar professional circle. While businesses see the importance of having a Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin page, many are starting to realize that Google plus is the site that does it all.

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13 thoughts on “Utilize Google Plus and Grow Your Business

  • but the sad things about google plus is that my friends are still not using it. What’s the point of having a social platform when friends and family are not using.

    • Hi Winson. I understand what you mean, but I think that that’s precisely the point. Google + is more for professional or business use (if you want to put it that way) and other networks are for friends and family.

    • Google+ is being used now more for business just as he said. users got used to Facebook and they prefer it becuase all their friends and family are on it, it’s a great platform to socialize. while Google+ is being used for quick indexing more than socializing. you can still engage with your customers on Google+ but it won’t be as powerful as Facebook.
      Thanks DiTesco by the way for this post 🙂

  • Thanks for keeping it real and I always look forward to your next post!

  • Google+ is now world’s second largest social network after Facebook. It can be utilized to promote business. But my friends are still on Facebook so I don’t use Google+.

  • Yes google plus has become a really important tool for marketing , due to increasing number of users , and also the weightage given by Google and hence could boost your SEO results. Hence I think it is a great and rather complusory choice for marketers nowadays. Nice post BTW.

  • Hi sir! Good post! 🙂
    I’d like to add a point here. Although some may feel that not most of their friends use Google plus, so why use it as an active social media for your blog?
    Well, its always nice to share your good content as much as possible and more over its really really important to use Google’s products to get a good page rank in Google. – Google panda actually uses all number of shares in Google plus etc. to rate your blog as a good content blog or not.

  • As it has been mentioned earlier in the comments, Google Plus is not used as widely as Facebook and Twitter. But the thing is that it helps you to reach the targeted audience more easily and thus increasing the efficiency of your work.

  • Very precise!This is the first time heard about google hangout. I do think that it is very helpful to businesses who conducts meeting in the internet. This is a great news for people who have business. Google plus sure does make things easier for all of us. Thank you for the post! I’ll recommend this to my friends.

  • I have been hearing about utilizing google plus to grow and explore the business since a long time now. However, I never took it so seriously before as I am doing now after reading your post. I am a little confused on using google plus efficiently and now I feel the need to learn it.

  • Since google has 61% of the share market for search engines it is very important to link. Additionally you get authorship by linking it which again adds to this. I have this love hate thing with Google. Thanks for sharing.

  • Your post is making me wonder if I could do a “new release” party for my furniture through Google +. I’ve been in the furniture industry for a while, just not used to being online. Might have to come up with some ideas to go after the younger designer crowd.

  • Hey DiTesco,
    Nice post and Yes, Google+ is not effective as Facebook but its the best site to promote our business and also helps to get traffic to our blog. Thanks for sharing this post.

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