How Do You Gain the Trust of Your Home Business Target Market?

A weird way to look at the trust issue, I know, but in truth all outside occurrences are a reflection of your inner vibe. As online entrepreneurs we are stark raving mad in trying to gain the trust of our target market. We jump through hoops, maintain full transparency, post nice headshots of ourselves. We do whatever we feel we need to do, to gain the trust of individuals who would be happy to join us…if they trust us.

The absolutely weird aspect of gaining the trust of your target market is this: you gain the trust of people around you by trusting yourself. You trust yourself and you are golden. You do not trust yourself, and look out! You will not be trusted, and people will sprint from you, feeling your lack of clarity and trust in self on a deeper level.

This idea is lost on many failing entrepreneurs. They try to do stuff, without paying any attention to the feelings within, their true view of themselves. This takes soul searching. This takes finding immense clarity around your marketing campaign. When you trust yourself, you naturally move into acts which gain the trust of your target market.

Why Seek Trust?

Well, you make money online when people trust you enough to send you money. People trust you, and believe in your product, or business opportunity, then they buy your product or join your team. This is why you want to gain the trust of your home business target market.

The Litmus Test

One thing which has happened to me a few times – as well as any online entrepreneur – tests my trust. People might call me a scammer, or dishonest. Early in my career I would feel angry, full of rage, nervous, upset. All indications that yes, I agreed with their statement on some level, so I did not trust myself.

Now if somebody calls me a scammer I am not bothered by the statement. I do not agree with it. I realize that these people do not TRUST THEMSELVES, and they project their distrust of self on me. So I simply release these individuals. No worries. I trust me. So if anybody shares a view where they do not trust me, their problem. I do not jump into their karmic crapstorm.

Practical Tips to Gain Trust

Well first off, gauge your feelings when someone calls you a scammer. If you never get labeled a scammer, well, persist, you will be! If you feel uncomfortable, worried, angry, if you feel like lashing out at the person, you do not trust yourself. No worries. Just be honest. Honesty reveals the truth. Once you own these feelings, you can move into actions to change them.

Be transparent by setting up accounts on social networks. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Share of your story, your successes and failures. This will help people to trust you, as they see you are a person, not some automon who came out of the womb making millions. Also, tell people exactly what joining your team would entail, as far as work load, etc. Be uber clear to avoid any confusion or miscommunication.

Post a smiling headshot on each of your social networking sites, and your blog. Let people see you are human, literally, not some internet profile. By posting head shots on your accounts people can make a stronger connection with you.

Take the time to shoot videos. Creating videos helps people to see that yes, you are a living, breathing person who wants to help them succeed. Shoot at least 1 to 2 videos weekly. Be real. Be authentic. Be you. People appreciate and trust an authentic person, even if they do not agree with you.

Include your Skype handle and phone number on your business site, and in email handles. Open up channels of communication so people can connect with you.

What All these Steps Do for You

Here is the bonus! When you take each of these practical steps you will begin to fully trust yourself. No more lack of clarity, no more worries about gaining trust from others. All your cards are on the table. You are transparent. You shared your story. You shared exactly what you business would entail, as far as work. You are a person, by posting a smiling headshot, and shooting videos. You share contact information. If you do these things, you trust yourself. All cards on the table, again, so if somebody does not trust you, it is their problem, and their distrust will not bother you.

Do you trust yourself? How do you respond when somebody calls you a scammer?

Ryan Biddulph

Former fired security guard and current world traveler, Ryan Biddulph went from having a net worth of 4 cents to generating steady cash flow online while living in tropical paradises like Bali, Phuket and Hoi An. How does he help you burn your credit cards? To find out Click Here

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  • Hard working and intelligent marketing grow home business successful. Follow high quality tips for home business marketing . Some tips I working in home business for growing. Thanks

  • Thanks for publishing Ditesco and thanks for the comment WDS!

    • It is I who should be thanking you Ryan for a great post. Keep them coming 🙂

  • Hey Ryan,

    Really true points, Be honest about yourself and share what you actually get. Don’t say anything that you heard from anybody.

    • Good points Aasma, thanks! Be truthful, be honest and you will gain trust.

  • Hi Ryan,

    I think the best way to gain trust from your readers is to always over deliver, and actually give away your best tips and advice.
    By helping people achieve their goals you will most likely earn their trust and respect.
    And another thing is that you should always create ways to communicate with your readers and invite them for feedback.

    I really enjoyed your post Ryan, have a great weekend.


    • Really good advice Philip, over-deliver and really neat things happen. Thanks for sharing!

  • Excellent tips .. got a lots of tips here! keep posting great tips often.. Good job!

  • thanks Ryan for sharing the awesome tips for us. It is surely suit for me

  • All point share by all of you is really nice and useful. I think to make trust in your home business is commitment to your user I mean what you are offering and what you are giving and services provided by you is also important from my point of view. Thanks to Ryan for sharing this post about to gain the trust of your home business.

  • I truly love the idea of loving yourself if you want others to trust you. Yes, every thing we do is nothing but our perception of the situation. If someone decides to call you a scammer when you are not, it is simply because that is his/her perception at the time. No problem, you have to be responsible to yourself and never allow that to hold you back. It’s simply what I have published on my blog, who is setting your rules? You have the right to set your own rules!

    Thanks for such inspiring post.

  • Thanks for sharing! I agree Ryan Biddulph, building trust and increase online reputation are key important for home base business. Fair between readers and business by sharing true and quality content could grain the trust from. But moreover, communication and relation also could make some people trust on us as well. Please do not skip social communication. I think

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