How To Evaluate Link Quality, Opportunities, and more

Search Engines Love Quality Links

From an SEO perspective, it is really not a secret that backlinks, inbound links or external links pointing back to your site is an important ranking factor. Link building is actually very easy. The hard part, is getting the so called “quality links”. At the end of the day, these “quality” links are what really matter and having one “top notch” link to your site may mean more than hundreds of crappy ones. Don’t really bother shooting for crap and put you effort in getting those quality ones.

So lets get the obvious out of the way, which is, in order to get quality links, you must provide quality content and build high quality sites too. Makes sense? The “build them and they will come” story is really not accurate, as IMO, with the thousands of quality websites or blogs out there, it is like asking for someone to discover you “by feeling lucky”. Yeah sure, that works too, but an extra push to “luck” will not hurt, on the contrary.

What Is Link Quality?

OK, I am not going to spend too much time explaining this, because, as usual, there are many sources of information out there. Nonetheless, the infographic below, is a result of a survey conducted by OrangeLine, which compiles answers from 501 SEO professionals to one simple question.

“What do you look for in a link opportunity”?

link evaluation survey

By Orange Line SEO

Link Building Tips and Quick SEO Hints

Following below are some great resources to help you understand and put into action some link building tips. One of the most coveted form right now is via “Guest Posting”. See what Matt Cutts says about guest posting and other SEO hints he provides on his latest roundup of videos. In addition, you can also check out:

8 Link Building Tips – Whiteboard Friday

That’s it!. Do you know of any other ways to build quality links?


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11 thoughts on “How To Evaluate Link Quality, Opportunities, and more

  • No doubt guest posting is one of the best link building technique which helps you to get quality backlink and you can helps you to increase your exposure to targeted audience.

    • guest blogging is approved by Google too (of course, if you do it right 🙂

  • Good article. I think that guest posts can really make a difference. It’s kinda hard to get quality links just by asking or creating good content and waiting for a miracle to happen. People will still link to authority websites. No one will link to you if you’re virtually unknown and your traffic is low.

    In my opinion linking is in a tight correlation with your website authority and trust.


  • Hi Ditesco,

    Comprehensive post – Great job. Thanks for sharing the powerful info-graphic. I will be sure to make use of it.

  • Link diversity and domain value (in terms of traffic, PR combined) plays a vital role. Imagine getting a link from PR4 site with little to no no traffic..

  • To be honest with you I have always been a little hesitant of link building. I have always gone on the premise that with oodles of good content that consumers will keep coming back to my sites. I have focused on this angle for years and lately have been a little frustrated. I know there are lots of variables but my sites second and third tier key terms do great but the big A tier terms ( in my industry) seems to filled with sites that are riddled with 20-100 traded links, which as a consumer I feel really takes away from the purpose of the site. I really appreciate the article and trying to figure out a way to build links without ruining the visual integrity of my sites.

  • Link building can be done easily but it is important to focus on quality links which will be useful .It is important to provide quality content which can help in getting some high quality links.Guess Posting is the best technique to get high quality links and it helps in fetching the targeted audience.

  • Fantastic information. Yes, guest posts can be a great opportunity to get some quality links on your site. Thanks for the lovely presentation of all of this – love infographics! 🙂

  • Every blog I find are talking about guest blogging and it is the best link building method and I have to agree with it. I think we can obtain links from quality sites through guest blogging and old traditional link building processes are replaced due to changes in Google link metrics.

    • Yes Sam, Guest posting is the best link Building practice out there. You can get one way natural links by this method and it is totally according to Google guidelines. Matt cutts also speaks in a video about guest posting being a quality links building method.

  • OK nice information but how to get those links, i don’t think link bate work anymore, link bate will work when you have a high authority site, but to get there you need those quality links you talked about.. so how to get those quality links ?????? a million dollar question

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