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Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week. With all the Panda and Penguin recovery advises popping out almost every day, the one thing that seems to be a general sentiment within the SEO community is that of building awareness and quality links via guest blogging. Guest blogging as you know has tremendous benefits, and now more so, due to the recent algorithm updates that Google unleashed recently. While this is so, you should know that as with anything else, guest blogging has to be done right. This applies to both the guest blogger and the “host”. With that said, the links about “content” this week will be all about guest blogging (includes some of my own). Highly recommended read. In addition, Rand’s whiteboard Friday this week mentions about how to use the power of commenting as an inbound marketing tactic.

On a different forefront, I don’t if you guys heard about Brandify yet. Brandify, sponsored by Microsoft, is all about managing your online brand. I am not so sure where all this is going, but I have a feeling that it will eventually play an important role in the future. Microsoft has been quietly doing a lot of things, lately ( See how your brand stands, its free!

Finally,, a sort of Pinterest like platform with a twist, is a new site that is part store, blog, magazine and wishlist. According to them, it’s a place to discover great stuff, to curate a collection of things you love, to get updates on your favorite brands and stores and to share your discoveries. If you are curious, check it out.

As usual, in no particular order:

Comment Marketing as an Inbound Tactic

Content/Guest Blogging


Social Web/Other Cool Stuff

Around the Web [more roundups]

What happens if I link to a good page that later becomes spammy?

That’s it! Enjoy and have a great weekend.


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7 thoughts on “Guest Blogging, Commenting, Brandify, Fancy, Speedlink 22:2012

  • Hi DiTesco,

    Absolutely LOVE the video on comment marketing.

    As you know, I love it. When creating content like mad I don’t comment as much…only 24 hours in a day. But I pull back at times and churn out value-packed comments.

    Reciprocity. He nailed that one. Each good comment is repaid in some way, shape or form. The trust factor goes through the roof. I pop up on top shelf blogs again and again, intending to make a positive impact each time.

    This does awesome things for you biz and it has done powerful things for my cash gifting club.

    Take the emphasis off building links and on adding value to the blog post. Help. Give. Pay it forward. Always add value. Always add your insight. Always be mindful.

    It takes but 5 minutes to write a super impactful comment and slowly build a powerful community, so just relax, be patient, and you can attract readers and grow your home based opportunity.

    Thanks for sharing DiTesco!


  • I’m also big on comment marketing, as I’ve found it’s the best way to drive traffic to my blogs. You know how I am DiTesco, I read a bunch of blogs and I try to leave fairly good comments when I can, and I can only hope that every once in awhile someone sees that, like my topic if they have CommentLuv, and decided to stop by.

    As to Google & how it’s been treating websites and blogs lately… bah!

  • It will be interesting to see what Brandify is and how it works. It sounds like it might be a good thing. But I guess you never know until it breaks loose.

  • I like the post on BBT on guest blogging. That’s the next course I am going to be working on. Also, the video was so copped 😉 I posted on my commenting blog as that is super valuable. See you around!

  • Hi again DiTesco,
    Another good impact article from you. With Content now being King, it would stand to reason that commenting on the King has to be big as well. Plus it gets your name out there on a different plane. I think if you comment you should always contribute with the comment relating to the content, plus tweeting, google one, etc. It is pay back plus you can make some super friends and learn all sorts of invaluable information.

  • DiTesco, this is so necessary that guest posting lifts the basic flaws one site has! This is so important for all things to work so smoothly! Well, loved the article!

  • Thanks for sharing the news about guest blogging and commenting. Brandify is something new to me but it sounds interesting! Before I read about this I came up with an idea that Brandify is all about online brand and I am right. Well, thanks for sharing!

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