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Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week. So what’s new? Hmmm, aside from FaceBook’s new stuff, and some people already proclaiming the possibility of Google+ being dead, perhaps the most noteworthy buzz relates to a former Microsoft software engineer saying: “Bing is a madhouse. The inmates are running the asylum, and it’s rotten to the core…”. How about that? Makes us think if this is just a “competition” issue or real. Don’t know about you, but you know the saying – where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Anyway, and just to remind current and future CommentLuv users, that early next week will be the “early bird” special of CommentLuv premium. If you are unfamiliar, or for some reason have not heard about the plugin yet, perhaps you should consider finding the time to read 6 Reasons Why Your Blog Should Be CommentLuv Premium Enabled

As usual, in no particular order:

Blogging/Online Business


Social Web/Other Stuff

  • Facebook news mashup #4 & No Longer Need 25 Fans To Get A Custom facebook Url
  • What I Like About the New Facebook Timeline Profile, Privacy Settings, and News Feed
  • 25 Useful Free WordPress Plugins For Multi-Author Blogs
  • The Great Divide: What to Do When You Feel Like the Whole World’s Against You

Matt Cutts – Live Q&A September 21, 2011

This is a long video but there are some good stuff. At 2:43 they loose the camera feed, and maybe you want to jump to 5:55 where Matt talks about changes in their “reconsideration requests”. 11:20 is about Authorship Markup, 16:50 Matt mentions that he deactivated his FaceBook account, 21:23 mentions where did the name Panda came from, 30:40 is about whether you can chain 301 redirects, 31:45 using Ping to avoid content scrapper issues, and that’s pretty much it.

That’s it! Enjoy and have a great week ahead.


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11 thoughts on “Speedlink V36/2011, FaceBook, CommentLuv Premium, SEO and Blogging

  • Fran, thanks for the brilliant roundup as always. I’m off to read about Facebook timeline 🙂

    Commentluv premium is gonna rock the blogosphere after the launch for sure!

  • Really nice video my friend, I’ve enjoyed listening to it while working today, and looking forward to see Matt’s mustache next November 🙂

    Really nice post about the Multi-Author Blogs plugins.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  • Looking forward to the CommentLuv Prem although I am having doubt about the actual efficiency and use of commentluv. I stumbled over a blog the other day where the blogger had all his commentators drop off the surface of earth once he removed commentluv from his website. Conclusion: All those so called readers and audience were there only for backlinks with no genuine interest in the blog.

  • Hi DiTesco, thanks for the shout out! I have so much catching up to do in terms of latest Facebook changes. But I’m going to follow Hesham’s lead instead and watch the video and read the multi-author plugins post. (Facebook can wait) 🙂

  • I’m still not sure about putting comments on my blog. It gets a lot of traffic, but not targeted traffic that converts.

    • You should try and comment of the good ones then. even though it isn’t targeted you never know who they know or who they may tell about you. if you have good word of mouth that can be more valuable than you may think.

  • I really like some of the changes facebook has made recently. But there are a few i could do without.

  • Comment Luv Premium is awesome, so many options. Facebook is still a pain, it is the most UN user friendly site ever created.

  • Haven’t seen much of the new updates of Facebook, I hope its good. Thanks for the compilation of the articles and the video, pretty long one! 🙂 I haven’t finished it yet but I’m bookmarking it for sure, can’t afford to miss such valuable information.

  • Still on the video video now, so far so good. Very informative and matt cutts really said it well 😀

  • DiTesco, Thanks a lot for the speedLink and thanks for having my post.

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