What You Need To Know About Blog Commenting?

After nearly a little over a month or so, the FamousBlogger – ComLuv blogging contest has finally seen its winners yesterday as published on FamousBloggers.net and ComLuv Network. Out of a total of 39 published entries, 20 winners were announced and this is by far the fairest contest of them all. The whole experience was rock solid and if there is anything you need to know about blog commenting, look no further. Just head over the biggest blog commenting folder in the world (literally) and read what all these awesome people have to say. There, you will find:

  • How to get more comments.
  • Why should you comment.
  • How to build links using comments.
  • How to create articles that encourages comments.
  • Why should your blog be Commentluv enabled.
  • and many more…

In addition, you can also read my two cents about the subject matter in the power of commenting and is your blog commentluv enabled.

Aside, from obviously congratulating everyone whom in my opinion are all winners, there is one thing that I really wanted to elaborate upon and that is, the lesson I learned from the contest winners.

The Power Of Taking Action

Over and over again, action is probably the one word I use countless times when I write my articles. Action is about doing something, making it happen or simply put getting it done. This is what I think that everyone who participated in this contest had in common. They all took action.

Take Kristi Hines of kikolani.com, the winner of the contest, as an example. Kristi’s entry on this contest was about strengthening an article by using various promotional methods as she clearly mentions in her post. Submitting articles and let faith do the rest is a waste of time and will not get you anywhere. You need to promote your blog entries, post or articles.

So what did she do to make it all happen?
Simple answer, she took action. I will speculate on this but I truly believe that she had a plan (good and positive one of course). She set her objectives, she wrote her article, she promoted her article like crazy (my count goes way over 1,000+ Retweets) and all this in a non intrusive and gracious way of reaching out to her supporters. I still remember seeing a nice crafted badge on her homepage saying “please support me with a simple retweet” (massive 500+ Retweets), short, sweet and straight to the point. She interacted on every single comment she got on her post (250+ comments). She did, oh well… I think you got the point and may I remember that everyone did exactly the same thing.

If there is any proof you are looking for when it comes to what you need to do to accomplish something, let this be one of them. All participants made this happen and everyone deserves to be winners. Unfortunately, there is the matter of ruling and being a contest, there had to be winners. If you ask me, everyone won, period. Everyone who participated won something at the end of the day and it has been a wonderful experience for both participants and sponsors. I gotta hand it over to both Hesham and Andy for doing a job well done and congrats to all winners.


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49 thoughts on “What You Need To Know About Blog Commenting?

  • Hi DiTesco. This is a great follow-up post to what is the most fantastic blogging contest I’ve ever seen or been a part of. As you know, I was one of the contest judges and Kristie’s post received the highest ranking from me. However, there were several other contestants that received 10’s on my scorecard and this is what they had in common:
    1.The post was well written, with no typos or grammatical errors
    2.New information was provided that sparked ideas and held my interest
    3.The post used humor or provided an interesting perspective to an old concept
    4. Included a Call to action! – just like you mentioned here.

    There were other ingredients that looked for, but these were the most important. All of the contestant inspired me to be a better blogger just based on their willingness to enter the contest and I think everyone should take a look at these posts and comment or retweet the ones they like best.

    Even though the contest is over, the challenge of becoming a better blogger is still at hand.

    Thanks for being a sponsor.

    • Hi Ileane. I totally agree with you and I have left all those reasons out on purpose as I figured they where already a given. As I said, this contest was the most fairest of them all and you as one of the judges proves just that by putting it simply the way you just had. We all have been inspired by the drive of ever single participant and learned an awful lot. Plus it also was a great from of building new relationships. Thanks for being a judge πŸ™‚

  • Very very nice. Happy to have found your site. I recall seeing a lot of comment luv enabled blogs around this time last yr (signed up and everything too) and for some reason I seemed to stop seeing them so much after that and they sort of fell from my consciousness.

    But seeing your piece sort of jarred my memory, thanks guess I needed that. About to head over to the comments folder now. Thanks for writing this!

    • Hi Benin. Glad you found my site πŸ™‚ CommentLuv I think is just but a little form to reward people who take the time to leave meaningful comments in ones site. I have been a user for over a year and since I have never took it off fro my blog. The 39 entries above are more than enough reasons why every blog should be commentluv enabled. So little to give and a lot to gain.. Thanks for commenting. Appreciate it. Hope to see more from you here in the future.

  • Blog commenting is very important, it helps you build new relationships, learn from very smart people, and adds value to blogs. Without commenting blogs wouldn’t be blogs IMO.

    • So true Danny. Without comments, blogs would not be blogs.. This is the reason why so many smart people, as you mentioned correctly, are aware of this and are taking action to ensure that it does not risk their blogs to fall down. I still do not understand why there are some who would not leave their views, opinion, etc on a blog post they liked so much. Go figure. BTW, welcome and thanks for dropping by. Appreciate it

    • What’s “IMO” … sorry, I don’t know all of the terms and acronyms so I ask as I go. πŸ™‚

      Thanks, Danny.

      • HI Kissie. That would be “In My opinion”. Guess you got another one for your collection πŸ™‚

  • RT @FamousBloggers: RT @ditesco: What You Need To Know About Blog Commenting? http://bit.ly/bJkAyx

  • Hi DiTesco, nice demonstration my friend! well done!

    Kristi have done a great job and she deserved to win the first place in our blogging contest!

    • Hi Hesham. Had to publish and share my thoughts about the awesome contest you and Andy have organized. Somewhere in between, I found a place to squeeze in a little bit more of info and make it SEO friendly πŸ˜‰ Haha. Hope all is well with you buddy and I agree, Kristi did a fantastic job and deserved to be the winner. Have to learn something from her efforts..

  • Good recap. I totally agree. Simply stated, this was the best blog contest I have witnessed so far. I knew Kristi was going to win all along, she put a lot of effort into her article.

    • Hello Dan. Good to see you here and I agree, this was probably the best blogging contest I have yet witnessed and proudly have sponsored. the experience was great and everyone was fun to relate with

  • Blog commenting is very important in term of networking with other bloggers.A well written articles diTesco.

    • Hi Shabnam. Could not agree with you more. Thanks

  • Nicely written, DiTesco. You know how I feel about blog commenting, and of course the blogger getting back to you as well. Long term, it’s all about community, and of course there are other benefits as well.

    • Hello Mitch. Always good to see you here. Blog commenting is indeed a great relationship builder and when done properly is in for the long term. Along with that, the benefits obviously also comes in. Thanks for dropping by

  • I can see why you said “everyone was a winner”. I read many of the articles that were posted and they all had something meaningful and/or unique to offer their readers.

    As far as commenting goes, aside from the content, I feel it one of the most if not the most important aspects of blogging. This is where you build your community and your relationships. Getting this right leads to success as a blogger.

    • Nailed that one Robert. Everyone did have something unique to offer, and this is why I think, among other things, that everyone was a winner. Blog commenting is indeed one of the most important aspects of blogging and yet many seem to ignore it. Go figure. Thanks bud and appreciate it

  • I heard about the contest and maybe read an article or two but you have definitely piqued my interest to read and pay closer attention to more. And trust me, for you to get ME to pay attention … you’ve done a great job. I’ve been told that I have a short attention span but I like to say I just bore easily. πŸ™‚


    • LOL, you certainly do not appear to be close to anyone boring. I’ve seen your comments here and there and you are as active and as lively as can be. And thanks, as I am taking that as a compliment, for taking the time to drop by. Really appreciate it. Hope to see more from you here in the future πŸ™‚

  • Well said Ditesco the contest was well organised and well run followed it never enter but my congrats goes out to all who partipate both in writing and commenting brilliant round up Ditesco.

    • HI Gary. Thanks for dropping by. The contest was indeed well organized (as with everything that Andy and Hesham does). Pity you did not enter, it would have been lots of fun. Maybe next time

  • 20 out of 39 winners, what high odds πŸ™‚ That was one impressive competition. The quality that the people were writing was much better than i expected. The awesome thing about the commenting is how much you can reach out to new people and get yourself our there which is what they did.

    • Hi Peter. Welcome and as I have mentioned, everyone did one thing in common, took action. The odds? Oh well, no one knew about that until the end, but yeah, it was great. Hope to see more from you here in the future

  • I heard about the contest, great to know Kristi won the title! Well deserved. πŸ™‚ Yes, everyone is a winner. However, Kristi indeed showed us some good examples in post-promoting, while network enthusiastically with the commenters too. We all get to learn something from this
    event, as a participant or as a spectator. Appreciate your review for the whole scenario, Francisco.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

    • Kristi I think has set the barrier on post-promoting. Never have I seen someone who has actively done that and for this purpose, not only was her post very informative, but surely deserved the position of first place. This contest was really a new experience to me and I have learned a lot. Pity you have not participated. It would have been fantastic. Maybe next time?

      • If I manage to spend some time to do so, yes it will be a great experience. πŸ™‚ It has been awhile since I joined any blogging contest.

  • Brilliant review fr @ditesco about @famousbloggers contest: What You Need2 Know About Blog Commenting? http://bit.ly/bJkAyx Gd job @kikolani

  • Looks like it all went down really well. I’m not surprised at all that Kristi took away the top prize. She’s a legend in my opinion. I have the utmost respect for her as a blogger and I miss not having the time to visit her blog more often. Still, I am only one man and there is only so much I can do in the short time I have online.

    Congratulations to all the winners. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Sire. Yep, it all went down really well and I too share your opinion about Kristi. Time is one of our top enemies and you are not alone. It can be complicated to make time for so much things that one has to do online. But if I know you a bit, you are doing just fine πŸ™‚

  • I am impressed with the numbers and popular Kristi’s article was. I new she had a big network of followers and supporters and I knew article would do great. But as the weeks went, it got more and more tweets and more comments.

    Do you think big part of her success came from her large Twitter and blog followers?

    • Hi there. It is all true that Kristi did put in a lot of effort to achieve what she has accomplished. Personally, I do not think that the reason she succeeded is because of her followers base (OK, maybe just a little), but rather because she took action above anything else.Obviously she did leverage on her followers base as she worked hard to reach to that point, but solely relying on that is definitely not a smart strategy. A combination of all her efforts is what made her stand out and win. good lesson to learn

  • Love your points, Francisco.

    Taking action is one thing that separate success from failure. “Can’t” is not a word – we need to remember that.

    Ana Hoffman

    • Hello Ana. Agreed, can’t should be a word that should be in ones dictionary, at least not in the blogging world. Can’t be successful without action. See, there is that word again…. lol. Thanks for dropping by

  • This has been an interesting read for me as I’m new to blog commenting and blog reading for that matter! I can see from lots of other blogs that I’ve read that it is important to the bloggers to get comments on their blogs and how it means they can get more followers etc.

  • Many congratulations to the winner of the contest. Keep it up πŸ™‚

  • Ya the contest was really great, and I am really disappointed that I could not participate in this big contest. Because Hisham is not taking my guest post anymore πŸ™‚ he says that you were not following up the discussions about the article. I told him the reason that I was on holiday and I could not turn up with that particular post. But anyway I do not mind if some senior blogger restricts you because of some unethical actions, but will any one tell here, was it unethical? or was there any other reason behind that, or I could not manage the sponsorship from my company Logoinn as he was asking me for his blogging contest.
    Anyway the contest was great I read all the article and the winner was deserving no doubt, she wrote a master piece.

  • This post is great and while you’re talking a bit about commenting, what made Kristi’s post win was promotion. She did a lot of promotion! It was tough, too, because the contest was really long, and she really stuck it out. I had entered so early that I got a little tired of promoting it, personally. πŸ™‚

    So there’s something there to be said about persistence!

  • This post helpfull me so much. thanks friend .

  • DiTesco, I’ve enabled CommentLuv on my main blog network site and will probably add it to member sites shortly. One challenge I’ve had with Commentluv is that it still isn’t well known among the health and fitness blog niche that I’m in.

    Gail at Growmap has suggested that it takes a leader to carve out new niches including for Commentluv, but my site isn’t well known enough yet to be that site for this niche.

    Any suggestions?

  • , I’ve enabled CommentLuv on my main blog network site and will probably add it to member sites shortly. One challenge I’ve had with Commentluv is that it still isn’t well known among the health and fitness blog niche that I’m in.

    Gail at Growmap has suggested that it takes a leader to carve out new niches including for Commentluv, but my site isn’t well known enough yet to be that site for this niche.

    shat is this comments

  • Blog commenting is VERY important in term of networking with other bloggers.

  • I think the person who just starts a blog should only focus on the blog commenting and following others blog to grab a track and at least make your hundred regular visitors of your blog. Because you need traffic when you are advertising some business or products but as far as blogging is concern you need to make your network with whom you can share your ideas and if you have a loyal network than they will also click on your ads when your blog is on track and you have somehow a small network than you should go to drive traffic and advertise your blog.

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