SpeedLink Weekly V3/2011

Hi everyone, welcome to yet another SpeedLink and I hope you all had a fun and productive week. This week, we had some real great stuff out there and one of the main topics that generated a lot of “buzz” is the Face Off between Google and Bing. Blekko has anounced this week that they are banning from their search engines “content farms”, while Google accused Bing of “copying” its search results. To counter, Bing Chief Engineer is saying that the reason the web is “full of crap” is because of Google AdSense, hmm.

Last week, I have also given you a preview of the upcoming blogging contest being organized by FamousBloggers, ComLuv, MyBlogGuest and iBlogZone. In case you missed that out, here is the pre-announcement made by Andy of ComLuv. If you are interested in being a sponsor, just let me know :).

As usual, in no particular order.

Matt Cutts (this is about the Google vs Bing issue and other important subjects):


Social Media:

Online Business/Blogging:



Support: Let’s show these guys some Luv, shall we 🙂 (RT, comment, you know, the whole shebang)

  • 7 Tricks I Use to Get More For Le$$
  • 5 Golden Rules of Money Management: A how-to guide for passing the financial torch

That’s it! Enjoy and have a great weekend.


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15 thoughts on “SpeedLink Weekly V3/2011

  • Thanks so much for including Kiesha Easley’s guest post, 4 Ways to Inspire Others with Your Blog, on your list. I can’t say enough about her, and this post was very well received. I appreciate the link back to her post.

    • Hi Brad. You are welcome. Kiesha posts certainly deserves to be featured as it is just great and truly inspiring. Thanks!

    • You guys really know how to make blush and melt my heart 😀 I appreciate all that you do to share my work. Wonderful!!
      Thank you!

  • Nice to be included in this weeks roundup DiTesco.

    I don’t know if I’d blame Adsense for all the crap though. I reckon it has more to do withe the fight for page rank and SERPS than anything else.

    • Hi Sire. I agree with you. AdSense obviously is not the sole “culprit” of this and the other things you have mentioned certainly contributes towards a more “polluted” SERPs.

  • Hey Francisco,

    Very kind of you to give my Bring IT! post a shout out here :). Thanks so much – I really appreciate it.

    Definitely a few titles here that caught my attention. I will be opening new tabs shortly and checking them out. Thanks for sharing.

    I also wasn’t aware of the whole Google/Bing controversy. Will be looking more into that as well.

    Wishing you a great weekend.


    • Hi Ingrid. You are welcome. Good to know that you found something here that you have not seen yet 🙂 The Google x Bing issue is interesting and an interesting topic to follow upon. Have a great weekend

  • Hi DiTesco,

    Thanks so much for the inclusion! So I just checked out ’29 ways to keep me coming back…’ and ’45+ Best WordPress Tips’ … awesome posts. Thanks for sharing them.

    You always know where to find the cool stuff. 😉

    Ciao for now!

    • Hi Michele. When its good, its good 🙂 Finding cool stuff is not really that difficult, just head over to my #mustfollow list on Twitter and it makes it all easier, lol. Have a great weekend

  • I thought link love types of posts are dead until I read this post. Maybe I should do some on my blog too.

    Anyway, I like the grid-style background that you have hear. I think it looks sleek. 🙂

    • Hi Melvin. Anything that provides some sort of positive “social” activity is never dead 🙂 Glad you liked the “grid-style background” of my theme. That’s Hesham’s work.

  • DiTesco, you’re amazing for including a link to my contest entry. I really appreciate that. Thank you.

    • Welcome Kiesha. Hope that will give an extra boost to your entry. Have a nice day

  • Nice to see this post back in action again D, reminded me I haven’t been by Wassup Blog in a long time. I need to head over there.

  • Hi DiTesco!
    Very informative, excellent post! A lot of useful resources to digest :). Thanks for sharing. I have stumble it.

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