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There you have it. A move which some of you may have anticipated would happen and some may wonder why? I am not going into details right now as there is a good reason for this and it does not have to do with being a serious blogger or not.

I have been on blogger for over a year now and I have not faced any problems whatsoever, contrary to many people who claim they did. My move to WordPress is part of yet another experiment that I have been doing since I started to blog. You see, almost every recommendation I provide on each of my post, I have either tested it myself or I have performed a detailed research prior to making any recommendation. I have proven that a blogger, specially those that are in the beginning, do not need to immediately jump into paid hosting and spend money unnecessarily. You must take your time and decide for yourself when you think you should do the move, if you want to.

As you all know, part of what I blog about is SEO. I’d like to add another letter there and make it SSEO, that is, Simple Search Engine Optimization. To be honest, I do not think that complicating things make you sound more authoritative about a subject. Just a plain simple tip, that works, will suffice. This is the approach I have been using when posting my articles and this is what I will continue to be doing.

We have seen many claims about WordPress is this and WordPress is that. Well, I am now going to check it out for myself and should it be proven “that good” then, I will be more comfortable in posting articles about using WordPress and how it can help you to succeed online. Although, I am already convinced that without useful and informative content, it really won’t matter, there are still some things to consider when deciding to make the move or simply start right out on a self hosted platform.

Anyway, enough of my excuses and I will get to the point right away. I am no WP guru, although I do have several blogs running on it already, I am not as comfortable as I am on Blogger. I am making this move sometime between this week and next, so please do not scratch me off your “to visit” list while I am doing this. I am not so convinced that it will run smoothly (will probably loose some comments), but I will do my best to bring it back ASAP.

Thanks and please do bear with me with yet another challenge. If things do turn out fine, I will provide a detailed step by step instructions on how I made this move, for free:) Wish me luck! And Ohh, I am sorry but I will be skipping again my weekly echo this week. Meanwhile you can check out these two roundups, which I am sure you will find as useful as I did.

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14 thoughts on “iBlogZone Moving To WordPress

  • WordPress is the best blogging platform… I’m sure you would be enjoying it. 🙂

  • Happy to see you on wordpress. Actually i found it really hard using wordpress. So i have started serious blogging on Blogger with my own domain. After few months i found myself as a Blogger guru. So i am really enjoying Blogger as my blog platform. So i don’t know whether i should move on wordpress or not. Please help me i can’t decide. . .

    • Hi Alamin. the decison is really yours to make, but I too considered myself as a blogger guru and yet still decided to for WordPress. My main reasons for using WordPress is that there are several plugins where you can easily install and make it work for your blog. As you know, in blogger most work should be done manually and sometimes it won’t work. In addition, SEO for blogger is a more complicated task and I have had constant “crawl” errors from my blog due to its limitations. If that was hurting me or not, I do not know but I did feel an increase in “organic” traffic once I have installed Thesis. Also, for monetization purposes, I find it easier to use and most advertisers, like BSA for example will not accept blogs hosted on free platforms regardless whether you have your own domain or not. Hope this helps

  • It is awesome that things went smoothly for you. I am relatively new to this world. Since I am new, I have lots of questions, that is why I love your site. You hit the nail on the head with simple tip descriptions. What good does it do to try to teach when you are supposing the reader/student will know what you mean when your details are out of the norm of speech? The student already assumes the teacher is knowledgeable or why else would student be asking.

    Thank you for your site, and I will be back often. I am learning so much, and I love to find sites that know much but can explain it to newbies. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Evan. Good to see you here and welcome to the world of WP and blogging 🙂 Good luck to your endeavors. If you need any help, just me know. We’ll see what we can do about it.

  • You certainly did a wise move, WordPress is by far the best platform for bloggers

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