DiTescos Weekly Echo #6

It’s time again for yet another weekly roundup (number 6 and counting). This week, apart from the usual mentions from the several blogs or websites I have visited, I will also include my top referrers of the week. Maybe next week, I will come up with something different, but until then…

In no particular order:


A Newbies Journey to Making Money Online: A four part series that tells you a story about a certain “Johnny” who wants to be rich by making money online. The problem is…


The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Read a “true” story about a 14 year old boy who changed his life (and of many other people), buy taking action on what he believed in. This is really very inspiring.


New Twitter Social Proof: Are You on Everyone’s List Yet?: Twitter’s new cool feature explained. Didn’t know about this feature until, I read this article. And now I am using it like crazy:)


8 Features You Should Know About Su.pr: If you have been using Su.pr and you think you already know its features, think again.


A Poem For Halloween The Night Of Frights: Sire writes this poem about a scary night when you’re home alone. Thing is, he ended the poem with a bit of a twist. Now what would that be? Only one way to find out..


Sunday Smash Link Luv, Twittley for Twitter, Yahoo Meme: ExtremeJohn’s own weekly roundup. The good just got better.


How to start blogging in a web 2.0 environment: If you have not yet heard of BlogEngage, you are missing out a great community. Believe it or not, Brian only started to blog after he created this awesome social networking site.


9 Useful Twitter Retweet Button Scripts For Blogs: I didn’t even know there are so many of them:) Cleth not only tells you which ones they are, he also shows you how to get them up and running.


The 15 most toxic places to live: Hopefully you don’t live in anyone of these places. See, the 15 most polluted places in the world.

Top Referrers:
StumbleUpon – Su.pr



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