DiTesco’s Weekly Echo #5

weekly echoYet another week has gone by, and again I am late for the weekly echo. What’s new?:) This week has been rather interesting and a lot of good stuff was are out there. As I have mentioned before, I only made room for 10 mentions in this weekly series, however, this week I will be exceeding that for a little bit.

As usual, in no particular order:


36 Quality Tweeps to Follow: Gautam’s awesome list of Tweeple you should follow on Twitter (including me, lol)

Ching Ya

13 Facebook Applications to Promote Your Blog: Ching Ya started her little journey digging through Facebook in past weeks, hoping to find some relevant ideas on how to promote your blog using Facebook applications. See what she has discovered.


10 Tips for Removing Your Blogging Blinders: Some of you are probably wondering what the hell “Blogging Blinders” are? Well you won’t find out until you read this. Head over there and find out:)


Friday Flick Find (On A Sunday) – Amazing Ball Girl Catch: See, its just not me, being late that is:). Who said baseball was sport for men only. Think again. A very short video but an amazing catch indeed.

holly jahangiri

FTC Updates Guides on Endorsements, Testimonials to Include “New Media”: The much coveted topic of the week. FTC requires disclosure on paid everything, lol. Read what Holly has to say.

Dave Doolin

Google Duplicate Content Penalty — Create keywords and make it work for you!: One of the best articles I have read about this “Taboo”, only in an encouraging way – Dave’s “two sides to every coin”

Jan Geronimo

10 Blog Lessons I Did Not Learn From Darren Rowse: What? Blogging lessons that the “master” missed out. After ten months of blogging, Jan says that he did not exactly reinvent the blogging wheel, or did he?


The Five Simple Truths On Promoting Your Blog: Liane’s solution to promoting your blog. First, you should discover the truths.

Extreme John Blog

How Much is Extreme John.com Worth?: Double mention this week for ExtremeJohn. I’m mad, his blog is worth more than mine:) Here is what he has to say: “one of the worlds most useless blogs written by an egomaniac that still has yet to figure out how to spell some of the most basic words is worth $1.18 million bitches!”

pinoy sounding board

Stop Tweeting Political Stuffs, Bro. Seriously: Elmot’s first experience on someone making him “shut up” on Twitter. What should you do when something like this happens?

Special Mentions:

Inspirational Bloggers

The Inspirational Book is Finally Here: A labor of love by 27 authors/bloggers who have contributed so that the book would come to fruition. Join me guys in supporting Jen on this wonderful accomplishment. You can also read her interview here: Inspirational Thoughts and Stories from Bloggers All Over the World

Jaypee Online

JaypeeOnline Wins @ ‘09 Philippine Blog Awards: Join me to congratulate my friend’s achievement in winning the Best Technology Blog 2009, in the most prestigious Philippine Blogging Awards.


Back into Blogging Biz from my small Hotel Room!: Hesham, founder of New Media Bloggers and the Famous Bloggers Club is back, after a bold move to a new country. Welcome back!

That’s a wrap. Take a moment to follow these links and I hope you enjoy the read.


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