SEO Tips – SlideRocket Presentation

Here is a treat for the New Year. When I find something good on the internet, I normally will try it myself first (when I can) and then share it with my visitors. I found this awesome site called SlideRocket, and what it does, is makes professional looking presentations that you can use for almost anything you want. In my case, I have prepared the presentation below, of my previous post, 8 Search Engine Optimization Tips, as an example. I hope Mr. G. will not think that this is duplicate content:)

To have an idea of its capability, please take a moment to view the presentation and wait a few seconds for it to load (you can view it as is, or in full screen).

As you can see, I believe that SlideRocket has its advantages. All your work is done online, no installation required. Your presenations are hosted on their server. Not only can you directly import your Powerpoint presentations, you can customize it is various ways (e.g. add a video, audio, add links, etc..). For up to 250mb of data, everything is free (well, with some limitations, but really nothing to be concerned about).

What do you think? Did you like the presentation of the 8 SEO Tips? If you are interested, signup for SlideRocket now (not a referral link and not a paid post).


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