Advanced Search Queries for Link Building Opportunities

Link building was all about money and link schemes in the past. There has been a 360-degree shift in the way links are built today. In fact, the black-hat tactics of yesteryears attract penalties by Google today. So, how does a webmaster look for link building opportunities? This question has been beautifully answered through practical approaches in the infographic below. I’ve made searching for quality link building opportunities simple for you.

Find Guest Post Opportunities

Guest posting is probably the best way to earn quality backlinks, especially if the website you are submitting an article to has great viewership and fan following. If you’ve already scratched your head to no avail, try this simple trick. Type keyword or a Competitor Name with relevant words in quotes. To understand this with an example, try this: SEO BLOG “write for us” and check out the magic. You will find the list of websites which are accepting guest post content.

Note: There are more than 25 queries for finding the guest post opportunity in the infographic

Find Industry Resources with Ease

Industry leaders are quick to latch on to a trend and write about it. If you manage to fill the blog section with such relevant information quickly, you too stand to gain backlinks as people looking for resources will find you. However, the first step would be to find such a resource. I bring you a simple technique to achieve this. Try: keyword along with query in quotes. Again, to understand this with an example type, small business “top 10 resources” and watch what Google unravels for you!

Find Paid Review Opportunities

When you develop something new, positive reviews matter a lot. Take for instance you’ve built an Android app. You would need positive reviews to attract attention. You would also be able to advertise the reviews on your own website. To find such opportunities, try: keyword intext: query within quotes. For instance, you can try, Android intext:”this is a sponsored review” and your search page will be filled with opportunities.

The success of your search will entirely depend on how well you “ask Google for results.” To make things easier for you, I’ve taken care of this problem too. You will find my infographic flush with several queries you can use. In essence, you can use the infographic as a reference source.

If you have your own techniques, I’d love it if you share them with me through the comment section. Happy scouting through Google!

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Image courtesy: SEO Optimizers

Brandon Leibowitz

Brandon Leibowitz, owner of SEO Optimizers a digital marketing agency, lives in Los Angeles, California. He has been involved with search engine optimization and internet marketing since 2007. His knowledge and advice has helped countless people improve their online businesses.

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  • Gorgeous infographic – would be 10X more useful, even, if you could copy/paste the search examples from text. 😉 But no, this is great.

    Funny thing, though – that search tip for guest posts doesn’t work so well for authors. 😉 Think about it – try: children’s books “write for us”


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