Google PageRank Updated – New Years Eve


It is confirmed. Google PageRank has been updated sometime between yesterday and today. Please note that the PageRank displayed on Google’s Toolbar is an external number and might not have any relation with your internal PageRank, which is what Google utilizes to determine your search rankings.

Nevertheless, for those that saw your:

PageRank Increase – My congratulations, your efforts has paid off
PageRank Being Maintained – Way to go, keep up the good work
PageRank Decrease – Don’t worry, it happens. It might just be a reminder to put in a little extra effort in 2009:)
Gray – Unless you are not yet indexed, be worried.

When I grow up, lol… I want to be like who just joined the elite class of PR10. Not bad I will probably advertise on your site:)

How about you, what did you get? Are you happy with your new PageRank or…


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