Black Hat SEO – Preventing Blight by Matt Cutts

Step in a Black Hat Mindset

Matt Cutts, one of the most trusted person on the internet (for a reason), recently recreated two conferences he participated last year, on video. Needless to say that many of us, have missed the opportunity on attending the Web 2.0 Summit, and therefore should be interested on what he has to say. In this 20 minute video, Matt Cutts explains why we should step in a Blackhat SEO mindset, as a means of preventing Blight, a byproduct of webspam.

In this presentation, Matt goes over the different types of Blights and also provides tips on solving or avoiding them. Blights, such as; Link Spam, Landing Pages, Hacking, Domain Abuse, etc. are some of the topics covered in this presentation. Fill in the shoes of a Black Hat, and think how your system can be abused, in order to prevent webspam.

iBlogZone – Preventing Blight by Matt Cutts

Time to go to work. Run through some of Matt’s tips and start preventing your website from being hacked or spammed.


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