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  • Have you tried blogging in the past, and for some reason it just hasn’t worked for you?
  • Are you skeptical about starting a blog because you know there is no way you can ever keep up with blogging on a regular basis?
  • You have heard about PLR articles and still not convinced?
  • Yet you know the benefits of having a blog, and you would love to give it a try.

There is no doubt that blogging is one of the most effective ways to market your business online, create a buzz, or even make money online. It’s advantages have proven worthwhile and if you’re ready to give it a try, but still have one of the concerns as mentioned above, why not have a little help along the way?

Ghost blogging – or blog writing – is a service that I am now offering to write your blog posts for you. Opting for this service will guarantee that you’ll have fresh original content on your site – applicable to your business and industry, topic or niche – on a regular basis. The posts will be written only and exclusively for you and thus is the reason why it will be original. This is different from Paid Reviews or Sponsored Reviews, simply because it will not be posted here on my blog, but rather on yours.

Should you decide to hire me to write your blog posts, I’ll research your industry, find out what niches you are targeting, and create posts that are keyword rich, with density not exceeding the parameters of being considered as keyword stuffing.

Ghost Blog Writing includes:

  • Keyword rich blog posts written exclusively for you
  • Rich content, 200-500 words, created to target your niche
  • Posts will be created based on a planned schedule
  • Call to action lines whenever possible
  • Add links and images, where appropriate
  • Posted directly on your blog if required
  • Rewritten, if not satisfied

Interested or need more information? Please send me an email, by using the contact form on this link. Prices, which are very reasonable, may vary in accordance with the your industry, number of words, deadlines, etc. I can send you my credentials (if deemed necessary), once contact has been established.


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