6 Factors That Influence People To Say Yes [infographic]

In the marketing world, and business in general, persuading potential customers to buy your product or service is vital. There are many tricks and tips people have built up over the years to aid with marketing but wouldn’t it be great to have a strategy on how to influence and persuade potential customers that is backed by science?

Researchers have been studying what influences us to say yes for over 60 years. An expert in the field, Dr. Robert Cialdini, has come up with what he believes to be the definitive factors that influence people to say yes. There are 6 universal factors involved in his theory. His study has been highlighted in this informative article on how to influence and persuade collated by Everreach.


Infographic courtesy of everreach.co.uk


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2 thoughts on “6 Factors That Influence People To Say Yes [infographic]

  • Hi DiTesco,

    Great infographic which mentioned some amazing points to increase your sales or ROI. I think scarcity is very important factor to increase your sales, but you also need to ensure that your product/service is awesome.

  • Great IG Francisco. Scarcity is for sure one of the most important factors. People will clamour for a limited edition item! However, authority is perhaps more important. We need our clients to trust in our products and by placing ourselves as experts in our area this is more likely.

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